Helpful articles about tattoos

Articles about tattoos

In this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about tattoos. I make a tattoo hurt? Can we then make neponravilos tattoo? What is a temporary tattoo, and how much can cost high-quality work? All of this can be found in the relevant articles. This section is suitable not only for beginners, but also for those who want to master not for the first time.

3 reasons not to do a tattoo

We chose a really objective in our opinion arguments against tattoos.

Tattoos for Men

How to select a scene for the male tattoo? What to look for?

Tattoos for girls

The female tattoos differ from men?

UV tattoos

Invisible tattoos that are visible only in the dark. Really? The answer here!

Does it hurt to do a tattoo?

Learn what determines the degree of pain the tattoo process!

Correction of tattoos

Can you fix the boring or poor-quality tattoo? The answer here!

Temporary tatoos

3 chances to make a temporary tattoo

How to care for a tattoo?

How to make the tattooed healed faster? What should not be done immediately after application?

Harm tattoos for your health

Can cause problems and health complications in the process of application, and how to avoid them?

How to choose a body part for a tattoo?

How to determine where to fill tattoo? We will tell!

маленькие тату 30
Small tattoos

How to choose a small tattoo? What are they? We will tell you!

Snake Tongue

Procedure of tongue splitting

самодельная тату машинка
фото тату на растяжках на животе
Tattoos hiding stretch marks

Covering scars and skin burnings

homemade tattoo machine
Tattoo machine with their own hands

Materials required for the assembly instruction

Review equipment tattoo artist

How to choose a car, pigments, needles, practice skin, and more!

Paired for tattoo lovers

What tattoos make love? The answer here!

Medical tattoos

ЧMedical tattoos mean something and why they are needed?

Tattoo sleeve

What is a sleeve tattoo and what are they? Read here!

Tattoo white paint

Did you see the tattoo with white paint? Now you see!

Tattoo on scars

How to hide a scar, a scar or burn marks? With the help of a tattoo!

Tattoo women around the nipple

Should I do a tattoo around the nipples, and how it will look?


Section with terrible, poor-quality tattoos. Do not do it this way!

тату на зубах 27
Tattoos on the teeth

Tattoos on the teeth and on the skin — what’s the difference?

тату глазное яблоко 1
Tattoos on the eyeball

Harmful to health if a new kind of tattoo?

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