Bio Tattoo - Types, Photos and Tips on Temporary images


Biotatoos or mehendi are exquisite and intricate temporary patterns. We will tell you what to check when selecting male and female henna tattoos in the article and if it is possible to apply a picture at the home in high quality. You can experience the greatness of Indian motifs and choose a fancy pattern with our exclusive collection of sketches and photos.

The body began to paint with bizarre patterns in Ancient Egypt, but the biotattoo became a part of the culture in India such as the wedding rite, decoration and mascot. It is believed that temporary tattoos bring peace, well-being and health. The ankles were painted to pregnant women to protect them from the evil glance of the unborn child In Morocco.

Biotattoo is a symbol of love, the darker the image is — the stronger the feelings are. The red tint symbolizes power and fertility.

Henna is dried and milled leaves of Lavonia. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, strengthens the hair and is a good dye. Natural powder can be of two types:

  • Colorless henna is not suitable for temporary tattoos as it is made from dried stems where there is no pigment.
  • Henna from foliage is only a pale green color and becomes reddish-reddish-brown after application. You can change the shade adding various substances, but it can cause allergic reactions.
  • Black powder. Mineral pigments are added to the natural component. Tattoos, made with such a dye, stay for months the edges of the pattern are blurred only. There is a risk of getting burns, and it is better not to use the dye if parafenpilendiamine is included in the composition. Black henna is undesirable to apply on the face. It is also contraindicated for children under 10 years of age.

Henna should be a fine grind without grains and impurities, resembling a powdered spice in consistence. You can buy henna for tattooing in natural cosmetics stores, Indian markets and pharmacies. There is a ground plant together with citric acid and a ready dye in tubes, but there can be various additives with preservatives.

The powder is stored for a year, preferably pour it from the sachet into a container, close it tightly and put it in a cool and dry place.

Временная-наколка Фото-временных-тату Временная-татуировка Времення-тату Фото-временной-татуировки


The procedure requires materials and ingredients to prepare a good dye such as:

  • • hot water;
  • • leaf tea, instant or natural coffee;
  • • natural henna in the form of a powder, sifted through a fine sieve;
  • • white sugar (2 tablespoons);
  • • strained lemon fresh;
  • • several drops of wood essential oil (pink, tea, orange, eucalyptus, lavender);
  • • olive oil and cotton swabs to remove excess dye;
  • • alcohol to degrease the selected area of the body;
  • • measuring spoon, ceramic or glass bowl;
  • • toothpicks or wide sticks;
  • • a syringe or a cone for tattooing.

With the help of natural supplements you can play with a touch. If you mix the powder of henna on the decoction of chamomile, the body picture will turn yellowish color, on red wine — reddish. The dye should be lightly smeared with a wide stick (you can take it from ice cream) to get light lines, for darker patterns with a brown tinge it is better to apply a thick layer of paste or to dilute a part of gruel with bastoma, adding boiling water or hot water. You can put the antrum or tincture of the walnut shell in it.

The final color of the picture depends on the place of application, the shade of the skin and the personal characteristics of the organism. Henna tattoos on the hands and the feet leave much more brightly, after all a dermal integument dense and thin. The dye acquires a reddish hue on the white girls and dark brown on the people with dark skin.


Powder is better to plant in lemon juice because in an acidic environment the reaction of pigments accelerates. It is necessary to bring the water to a boil and brew tea or coffee, 60 minutes to simmer, toss sugar, so that the paint is well held on the body, the resulting liquid is introduced into the ground leaves of laussonia. Stir well to make thick slurry, like toothpaste. It is better to rub the mass through a sieve if there are lumps, when the dye comes out too dense you need to add tea leaves, if liquid — a little powder of the plant.

It is better not to blindly follow the prescription but to focus on the consistency because henna absorbs moisture in different ways. It depends on the place where the plant was grown, the weather conditions and other factors. The bowl with paint should be wrapped in a food wrap and left at room temperature for 2-12 hours. Essential oil is poured before use. Ready pasta can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, tightly closing the dishes with a lid. It will stand for about a month in the freezer, it will be thawed for an hour.


It is undesirable to take a solarium or sunbathing the day before the procedure because not very beautiful pattern will turn out on the tanned skin. It is necessary to make hair removal because the paint on the hairs still remains when the picture disappears, and it will be ugly dark stripes. For the temporary tattoo will adorn longer it is recommended to make a peeling to smooth out the skin before applying, remove the roughness and dead cells.


  • • Degrease the selected skin area with alcohol;
  • • Draw patterns better in a warm place;
  • • Spread the body area with eucalyptus oil (no more than 2 drops) to increase the drying time of the paste, and open the pores of the skin so that the paint is absorbed better;
  • • apply the chosen ornament in dotted lines with any cosmetic pencil;
  • • it is better to apply a pattern hanging, without touching the skin with a tool;
  • • the paint layer should be in the form of a thin rope (2-3 mm);
  • • apply the paste carefully so as not to spoil clothes and objects;
  • • wipe the dashed lines with a cotton swab soaked in olive oil;
  • • it is better to remove unnecessary smears immediately as the paint absorbs very quickly.

It is recommended to wet the ornament with lemon juice during painting, do it very carefully so that the picture does not float. The image with thick lines turns out more precise and will last longer.

The fresh picture will be a pale orange but it will darken as it dries and it will turn brownish after a few days.

You can apply the image with a special stencil for henna tattoos or cut the pattern yourself on adhesive tape. The purchased picture should be fixed with adhesive tape and fill the slits with paint. Carefully remove it when the gruel will dry a little.

You need to practice a little on paper to apply a beautiful image by hand. First paint the picture in simple pencils and after that by brush, toothpick and syringe-kulk. Small pictures on the body do not look great because they will merge into a brown stain or smudge during application. It is advisable to draw in parts, starting from the center choosing a large area for tattoos with henna on the leg or arm. First, paint narrow and straight lines and after that finish the picture with rounded elements.

How correctly to dry the tattoo with Henna?

Wait about 5 hours for the paint to dry out a little after painting the picture. You need to remember that the longer it remains damp, the better it is absorbed. Ornament is more beautiful, saturated and persistent. Masters recommend diluting lemon juice with sugar (in a ratio of 1: 2) and gradually lubricating the contours of the image. Drying the image is recommended under infrared or ultraviolet rays.

The dried slurry should be left until the morning, gently wrapped in a food wrap and firmly fastened so that not to spoil the picture at night. You can sprinkle with hair spray but it should not contain alcohol. Remove the dye with a scraper on the next day, rinse off the leftover lemon juice. To wet the pattern not earlier than 5 hours, but it is advisable to postpone the bathing for the next day.


The body picture is recommended to wipe daily with any vegetable oil. Fat makes the image glossy, helps to preserve its beauty longer. You can give the henna tattoo brightness with the help of sesame oil or almonds, and slightly darken with the help of eucalyptus.

The picture quickly fades due to profuse sweating so you should exclude hiking in the sauna and sports. Alcohol, chlorine and salt also adversely affect the contours of the picture so it is not recommended to visit swimming pools, swim in the sea and often wash your hands with ordinary water, especially with baby soap. It is better to take a warm shower, pre-lubricate the painted area with oil or sunscreen. It is not recommended to rub the temporary tattoo with a washcloth, do epilation, scrubs or peeling.

It is advisable to apply a little mass to the bending of the elbow and pay attention to the body’s reaction to prevent the negative effects of henna tattoos. Do not apply a temporary drawing if there is itching, redness or swelling. The various dermatitis and eczema may appear, including chronic dermatitis after using black powder. The milled leaves do not constitute threat, the additional components only that make up the dye.


The pattern lasts from 3 days to a week on the chest and back as the clothes constantly rub against the body and it fades. The best places for henna tattoo are hands and feet they keep over there 1-3 weeks and quickly disappear on the rise of the leg, neck, abdomen and palms.

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Временая-тату-на-стопах Временная-наколка-хной Временная-татуировка Временные-татуировки Временная-татуировка-хной Татуировка-хной Татуировка-хной-на-кистях Татуировки-хной-на-руках Тату-хна Тату-хной Тату-хной-на-плече Тату-хной-на-стопе Тату-хной-на-ступне Фото-татуировки-хной Фото-тату-хной


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Male and female henna tattoos

Henna tattoo on the wrist, shoulder, hands, stomach and neck looks exquisite and original. Girls choose the Indian motives, hieroglyphs, flower compositions along a foot, on palms and fingers give an image of femininity and tenderness. It is undesirable to apply the image to the area with wrinkles because it is inconvenient to draw, the paint does not fit well on the skin and after drying the folds will be more prominent. Hands and feet should be well-groomed because the pictures focus on these parts of the body.

The pictures in Polynesian, Japanese and Celtic style look great, a lot of men choose the image of an eagle, a slope, a skull, a lion, a dragon, a cross or an abstraction. The masters are advised to apply henna tattoos often to make a permanent picture. It is easier for the holder to decide if the selected image is suitable, as it looks when moving.


Flash tattoos are beautiful self-adhesive ornaments and golden-colored pictures, looks very effectively on the tanned body. The pictures give the girls femininity, refinement, especially imitation of necklaces, patterned bracelets around the elbow and hips, flower compositions on the soles of the feet, hands. Interestingly look ringlets on the fingers near the bends. Symmetric images on collarbones, shoulder blades and in the lower back are also suitable for girls. The arrows, peacock feathers, talismans in the form of a circle look great.

Gold tattoos are not afraid of sea water, do not cause allergic reactions, but do not pass over the sun’s rays. It is undesirable to use hot baths, oily creams and lotions. It is necessary a body undressed by clothes to apply such tattoo. The picture is cut off on the contour, you need to remove protective wrap, applie with gold to the body and press with a wet towel. It is removed after the paper is wet. The pattern fits well with gold and silver ornaments and lasts up to 3 days.

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They are less painful than normal body paintings because the needle enters the upper layers of the skin. The reagent is added to the pigment so the paint is destroying for 2-3 years and the pattern disappears but the contours blur and turn into an ugly dark spot more often. It can either be reduced by laser, skin polishing, plastic surgery or stuffing over a new already permanent tattoo.

There is very limited choice of shades for tempo and the masters do not undertake to fill the image more than 5 cm. Not everyone will like the constitution of the paints because it is the crystals of iron oxide, water, isotropic alcohol, titanium bioxide and glycerin. This mixture can lead to complex chronic skin diseases. Not recommended!

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Тату переводилка 9 Тату переводилка 10 Тату переводилка 11 Татк переводилка 15 Тату переводилка 8 Тату переводилка 12 Тату переводилка 13 Тату переводилка 14 Тату переводилки 1 Тату переводилки 2 Тату переводилки 4 Тату переводилки 5 Тату переводилки 6 Тату переводилки 7 Тату переводилки 3
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