Bio Tattoo - Types, Photos and Tips on Temporary images

Mehendi — henna temporary tattoos

Bio tattoo or mehendi — exquisite and intricate timing patterns. In this article we will explain what to look for when choosing a male and female henna tattoos, is it possible to apply high quality image at home. With our exclusive collection of sketches and photos, you can feel the grandeur of Indian motifs and choose a vending pattern.

painted body intricate patterns began in ancient Egypt, but in India biotatu become part of the culture: the wedding ceremony, decorations and mascot. It is believed that the temporary tattoos bring peace of mind, well-being and health. In Morocco, painted ankle pregnant women, to protect from the evil eyes of a child.

Biotatu — symbol of love: the darker the image, the greater the feeling. The red color symbolizes power and fertility.

Henna — dried and milled lawsonite leaves. It has beneficial effects on the skin, strengthens hair and a good dye. Natural powder is of two kinds:

  • Colorless henna is not suitable for temporary tattoos, as is made from the dried stalks, where there is no pigment.
  • Henna leaf is only a pale green color, and after application becomes reddish russet. By adding different substances, it is possible to change the hue, but they can cause allergic reactions.
  • Black powder. The natural ingredient is added mineral pigments. Tattoos are made in such a dye, stay for months, only erased the drawing edge. There is the risk of getting burned, and if the structure includes parafenpilendiamin, it is best not to use dye. Black henna is not desirable to apply on the face. For children under 10 years of age it is also contraindicated.

Henna should be Fine grinding, without grains and impurities , the consistency resembles powdered spice. Buy henna tattoo can be in the shops natural cosmetics, Indian markets and in pharmacies. Meets minced plant together with citric acid and ready to dye tubes, but there can be various additives with preservatives.

The powder is stored year, it is advisable to pour it out of the bag in the container tightly closed and in a cool and dry place.

Временная-наколка Фото-временных-тату Временная-татуировка Времення-тату Фото-временной-татуировки

How to make a temporary tattoo at home?

For procedures necessary materials and ingredients to cook a good dye:

  • hot water;
  • leaf tea, instant coffee or a natural;
  • Natural henna powder, sifted through a fine sieve;
  • white sugar (2 tbsp. Spoons);
  • strained fresh lemon juice;
  • a few drops of essential oil of wood (pink, tea, orange, eucalyptus, lavender);
  • olive oil and cotton swabs to remove excess dye;
  • alcohol to degrease the selected area of the body;
  • measuring spoon, ceramic or glass bowl;
  • toothpicks or chopsticks wide;
  • syringe cone or bag for tattooing.

With the help of natural supplements can play with a touch. If you mix a powder of henna on chamomile decoction, breeches picture acquires a yellowish color, red wine — red. To get a bright line, the dye should be slightly wider smudge stick (you can take with ice cream), for darker patterns brown tint is best to put a thick layer of paste or slurry to dissolve a part bastmoy adding welding or hot water. It can be put Surma or tincture of walnut shell.

The final color of the picture depends on the application site, skin tone and personal characteristics of the organism. Henna tattoos on his arms and legs come out much brighter because the skin tight and thin. On the canvas of white-skinned girls dye becomes reddish at Darkie -. Dark brown

How to dilute the henna tattoo?

The powder is better to plant in fresh lemon juice, because the acidic environment of pigments accelerates the reaction. It is necessary to bring the water to a boil and brew coffee or tea, simmer 60 minutes over low heat, throw sugar to paint a well-kept on the body, the resulting liquid to enter into the ground leaves lawsonite. Thoroughly mix to a thick paste, like toothpaste. If you come across clumps is better to grind the mass through a sieve, the dye will be released too dense, add tea leaves if the liquid — a little powder plants


It is better not to blindly follow the recipe, and focus on consistency, because henna in different ways absorb moisture. It depends on the place where it was grown plant, weather conditions and other factors. A bowl of paint should be wrapped in foil and leave at room temperature for 2-12 hours. The essential oil is poured prior to use. Cooked pasta can be refrigerated for 2-3 days, tightly closing the bowl with a lid. In the freezer, it will stay for about a month, defrosted for one hour.

How to prepare your skin?

The day before the procedure is not desirable to make a solarium or sun-bathing: tanned skin will turn an ugly picture. We need to do hair removal, because when the picture disappears, the paint on hairs still remain, and will look ugly dark stripes. To temporary tattoo adorned longer before the application is recommended to peel to smooth skin, remove the burr and necrotic cells.

How to make a temporary tattoo?

  • degrease the selected area of the skin with alcohol;
  • draw patterns better in a warm place;
  • eucalyptus oil to lubricate the body portion (not more than 2 drops) to increase the drying time of the paste, and open the pores of the skin to better absorb the paint;
  • the selected pattern to put the dotted lines in any cosmetic pencil;
  • applied pattern is desirable in the air, without touching the skin tool;
  • paint layer must get a thin rope (2-3 mm);
  • apply the paste gently, so as not to spoil clothing and items;
  • delete the dotted line with a cotton swab dipped in olive oil;
  • ink is absorbed quickly, so the extra strokes better to remove.

While it is desirable to lubricate the drawing ornamental lemon juice, but carefully so the picture is not sailed. Image with thick lines is a more accurate, and will keep longer.

Fresh breeches picture will be pale-orange hue, but darken as they dry, and in a few days will become brownish.
Apply an image, you can use a special stencil for henna tattoo or self-cut pattern on the adhesive tape. Purchase image to fix the plaster and paint to fill in the slots. When the paste dries out a little, gently pull off.

To apply a beautiful image of the hand, you need a little practice on paper first pencil to draw simple patterns, and after a brush, a toothpick and a syringe-sack. Small figures on the body does not look they merge into a brown spot or smeared during application. Choosing a great site for a tattoo henna on the foot or hand, it is desirable to draw parts, starting from the center. Please hold tight and straight lines, rounded finish the picture elements.

How to dry henna tattoo?

After the patterning is necessary to wait for about 5 hours to paint a little dry. It is worth remembering that the longer it stays wet, the better it is absorbed. Ornament is a more beautiful, intense and persistent. Masters recommend fresh lemon juice diluted with sugar (at a ratio of 1: 2) and a little grease the outline of the image. Dry figure recommended by infrared or ultraviolet rays.

Dried pulp should be left until the morning, gently roll up the film and tightly fix that in a dream not to spoil the picture. You can sprinkle with hairspray, but its composition should not include alcohol. The next day, a scraper to remove the dye residues rinse fresh lemon juice. Watering drawing no earlier than 5 hours, but it is advisable to postpone the swim the next day.

How to care?

picture desirable underwear to wipe any vegetable oil on a daily basis. Fat makes a glossy image, helping to preserve its beauty longer. With sesame or almond oil can be given a henna tattoo brightness and darken a little eucalyptus.

The picture fades quickly due to heavy sweating, so you should eliminate trips to the sauna and sports. Alcohol, chlorine and salt is also a negative effect on the contours of the image, so is not desirable to visit the pool, swim in the sea and wash hands frequently with plain water, especially baby soap. Better to take a warm shower , pre-painted with fluff place oil or sunscreen. Do not rub the washcloth henna temporary tattoo, do hair removal, scrubs, peels.

In order to prevent the negative effects of henna tattoos, it is advisable to put a little weight on the elbow bend and pay attention to the body’s response. If you are itching, redness, swelling, it is not necessary to apply a temporary pectoral drawing. After use, the powder may appear black various eczema and dermatitis, including chronic. Sami leaves milled threats are not only additional components that are part of the dye.

What keeps mehendi?

On the chest and back pattern lasts from 3 days to a week, since the clothes are constantly rubbing against the body, and it fades. It is best to hold a henna tattoo on hands and feet — 1-3 weeks and disappears quickly on the rise legs, neck, abdomen, palms

Photo henna tattoo

Временая-тату-на-стопах Временная-наколка-хной Временная-татуировка Временные-татуировки Временная-татуировка-хной Татуировка-хной Татуировка-хной-на-кистях Татуировки-хной-на-руках Тату-хна Тату-хной Тату-хной-на-плече Тату-хной-на-стопе Тату-хной-на-ступне Фото-татуировки-хной Фото-тату-хной

Henna Tattoo for men and women

henna tattoo on the wrist, shoulder, arms, abdomen and neck looked elegant and original. Girls choose Indian motifs, characters, floral arrangements along the feet, the palms and fingers impart the image of femininity and tenderness. It is undesirable to apply the image to the area with wrinkles: inconvenient to draw, paint bad fall on the skin, and after drying the fold will no longer stand. Hands and feet should be well maintained, because the image focus attention on those parts of the body.

Look beautiful drawings in Polynesian, Japanese and Celtic style, so many men choose eagle, skate, skull, lion, dragon, cross or abstraction. Often, to make permanent undershirt picture masters advise to put henna tattoo. The holder is easier to decide whether the selected image is suitable as it looks when driving.

The temporary tattoo gold at the Summer

Flash Tattoo — pretty self-adhesive ornaments and pictures of golden color looks very impressive on his tanned body. Pictures give the girls femininity, sophistication, especially imitation necklaces, bracelets patterned in the elbow area and thighs, floral arrangements on the feet, hands. It is interesting to look like rings on your fingers near the bends. Girls are also suitable symmetric images on the collarbone, shoulder blades and in the lumbar region. Well look arrows, peacock feathers, charms in the form of a circle.

Golden tattoos are not afraid of sea water, do not cause allergic reactions, but do not let the sun’s rays. It is undesirable to use the hot tub, oily creams and lotions. Apply only need to dress naked body portion. Figure cut along the contour, remove the protective film is applied to the body with gold and pressed a wet towel. After the paper is wet, it is removed. Drawing well with gold and silver ornaments and holds up to 3 days.

Test of tattoos — the pros and cons

They are less painful than conventional body-worn pattern, because the needle goes into the upper layers of the skin. The pigment is added to the reagent: 2-3, he destroys the paint and drawing disappears, but often blurred contours and turn into an ugly black spot. It can reduce or using laser skin resurfacing, plastic surgery or fill over the new, already a permanent tattoo.

To rate a very limited range of colors, and the master does not come from the image to fill more than 5 cm Composition paints not everyone will like it:. Crystals of iron oxide, water, izotropilovy alcohol bioksid titanium glycerol. This blend can lead to complex chronic skin disease . We do not recommend!

Correction of tattoos

Can you fix the boring or poor-quality tattoo? The answer here!

Paired for tattoo lovers

What tattoos make love? The answer here!

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