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Our world is not perfect and the problems in it are above the roof. One of them, perhaps, stands apart and is the cause of many conflicts and awkward moments between people. This problem can be conditionally designated as curved hands. This is the most popular reason why people want to fix their old tattoo.

Sometimes the circumstances are such that one has to trust his body to an inexperienced unskilled craftsman who is not able to do a quality job often at a young age or in the army or in prison. Another reason for the correction of the tattoo is the ill-considered choice of the sketch. You can decide that you wanted something different after a while, could not explain your idea to the master and the result needs to be changed.

Фото-исправления-тату Исправление-тату Исправление-татухи Исправление-татуировок Фото-исправления-татуировок

Very simple and poorly made tattoos are easy to fix as a rule. They are simply closed by another picture. It is much more voluminous and colorful than the first usually. Almost all tattoo-worthy salons provide similar services today. In fact, this is a normal tattoo, the application of which is complicated by the need to correct the old one. The experienced artist only with a good imagination can take for this. After all, it’s not easy to break, and it’s always easier to do than to remodel!

When you are going to either paint over or fix a tassel made in black, remember that the new one should also be black. If you try to superimpose a light color to a dark one, the result is still a dark one.

To summarize, do not save on your tattoo! This is what will be with you until the end of life and to choose a sketch and a master should be approached as closely as possible. But if you have made a mistake somewhere, remember that there are no desperate situations and fixing the tattoo is what you need.

The master can also hide various skin defects such as scars, marks from burns in addition to adjusting the old tattoo.

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