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Let’s talk today about such a rare and unusual direction in tattoo art as a medical tattoo. Two types of fragments can be distinguished in this subject such as:

  1. Tattoos denoting belonging or sympathy to the medical profession;
  2. Tattoo containing information directly for doctors.

The first type can be attributed a plot with the image of the Red Cross such as the world’s medical organization, various phrases in Latin or medical slogans. History knows examples when superstitious doctors made on themselves a kind of «incisions», symbolizing the number of rescued patients. Others put images associated with their field of activity. For example, the image of the eye can be a reference to ophthalmology, and so on.

Let’s go directly to medical tattoos. They perform the function of a medical bracelet, the information on which is able to quickly inform the newly arrived doctor about the various contraindications of the patient. This is a mini-case history which in some cases can save a patient’s life. But a medical bracelet can be lost, forgotten or abandoned, and a tattoo is always with you! Let’s analyze several popular stories of medical tattoos.


Chronic diseases are those requiring constant medical treatment. As a particular example, we can cite epilepsy. The patient may suffer a seizure in the event of a violation of medication and the doctor who comes will quickly determine the cause with the help of the tattoo.


The use of contraindicated drugs can significantly worsen the patient’s condition. Special medical tattoos are made in the wrist area for this. These are text inscriptions with the names of specific medicines as a rule. The names of certain diseases can give doctors enough information about the necessary medications in addition. For example, the word diabetes can mean a contraindication to glucose and so on.


The temporary tattoo is used to determine the area of exposure with oncological diseases and the use of radiotherapy, as a rule. However, some people make permanent tattoos.


The use of special medical equipment, such as a cardio stimulator, imposes certain restrictions on resuscitation. Therefore one can consider an image indicating the presence of such a device as one of the ideas of a medical tattoo.

In general, medical tattoos are not mandatory. In my opinion they are made from aesthetic considerations, rather than purely practical these days for the most part. In the article about the tattoos with the blood group we saw that even from such a simple idea one can make a real work of art. And now, the long-awaited photo of medical tattoos!

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