Nipple Areola Tattoo - 10 cool Photos

Photos tattoo around women’s nipples

Tattoos in the breast are not uncommon, but it does not touch the breast (nipple area). This is one of the most painful, uncomfortable for both the master and client procedures with a questionable result.

Of course, in certain situations, tattoo around women’s nipples can have a purely practical purpose : for example, to cover the scar. In this case, such a complicated procedure more than justified.

Talking about the plot, which can be transferred to this area usually is symmetrical geometric image. Here you can see how the familiar stars, and any more complex pattern. It all depends on the skill of the artist and the fantasy of the future owner of this masterpiece.


Tattoo white paint

Did you see the tattoo with white paint? Now you see!

Medical tattoos

What are the medical tattoos and why they are needed?

Тату-на-женских-сосках Тату-сердечко-вокруг-соска Тату-черные-звезды-вокруг-сосков Тату-вокруг-женских-сосков Тату-вокруг-сосков Тату-на-сосках

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