How To Make A Home-Made Tattoo Machine in 3 Steps


It is not necessary to buy an expensive machine or to seek help in a professional tattoo parlor to make a tattoo on your body. This equipment can be made at home with little effort. If you look back at history, you can see that the first device for applying the pincers was made by Samuel O’Reilly, who took as some basis elements from the equipment for copying documents to reproduce the reciprocating movements of an electric typewriter.

It is necessary to prepare all the necessary details initially, of which the future product will be composed. You will need for this purpose:

  • helium or ballpoint pen;
  • The thinnest string for 15 centimeters long;
  • engine and bushing, which can be removed from the tape recorder or purchased on the radio market;
  • a small plastic tube.

You need to find a gear that can be taken from the same tape recorder for the progress motion of the needle. Its diameter should match the size of the engine shaft. This is necessary in order for the gear to sit tightly on the shaft and not be able to scroll. The final component of the product is the source of energy, which will create a voltage of 3-5V. You can use a conventional power supply to do this.

You need to squeeze out the ball from the paste before making a homemade tattoo machine. The paste itself will serve as a conductor for the needle. Push the string through the core of the paste. In the case where the string can’t pass through a small hole in the rod, it is possible to cut off the rounded part in the place where the ball was previously located. You can also slightly sharpen the string, which will facilitate its passage through the handle. You need to make sure that the size of the string is the same as the length of the rod first.


Next, you need to take the plastic tube and bend it on a small fire so that the angle is 90 degrees. On one side of the tube you mount the engine, and with the opposite — the handle. You can fix it using tape. It is necessary to fasten the string to the hub when this stage is completed. Assign the loop at the end of the string, which must correspond to the diameter of the bushing.

The loop should be made so that it was not tightened too much, but, at the same time, does not hang freely on the bushing. The sleeve is soldered to the gear with the help of a soldering device. Thus it is necessary to sustain the correct distance from the bushing to the center of the shaft. This directly affects the depth of the entrance to the skin of the needle.

It should also be noted that the lower the gear will be selected and will be located closer to the center of the bush, the more clumping. Moving the pen towards the engine speed bumps can be corrected. If you have any desire to properly make a homemade tattoo machine video assembly will act as a good visual aid.


It must also be taken into consideration that the smaller the gear is selected and the closer the bushing is to the center — the more beats will be struck. You can adjust the speed of the blows moving the knob towards the engine. When there is a desire to make a self-made tattoo machine correctly, the video on the assembly will be a good visual aid.
You must initially prepare a solution based on black carcass to check the resulting machine in the work. A sketch of the tattoo is first applied to the skin with a conventional pen to get a more accurate picture. You do not need to rush the needle down to the body so that it can drive enough paint during the application of the tattoo. The machine is working properly if a flat black cut remains on the body after the machine. Be sure to treat all parts of the machine with the spirit before applying tattoo, so as not to infect the skin.

Self-made tattoo machine, of course, significantly reduces financial costs. However, it is worth taking into consideration the shortcomings of such a decision. Doing a tattoo by yourself with such a machine is not entirely convenient. The process itself can be accompanied by unpleasant sensations. This can also be displayed on the picture quality.

Check the video with a step-by-step tutorial!

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