How To Make A Home-Made Tattoo Machine in 3 Steps

How to make a homemade tattoo machine?

To perform the tattoo on your body, you do not have to buy an expensive machine, or seek help from a professional tattoo parlor. This equipment can be done at home by applying without much effort. If you look back in history, we can see that the first device for applying tattoos were done by Samuel O’Reilly, who took as a basis the elements of equipment for copying documents to reproduce the reciprocating electric cars.

Initially, you need to prepare all the necessary details of which will be the future of the product. This will require :

  • gel or ballpoint pen;
  • the thinnest string 15 centimeters long;
  • the engine and the sleeve, which can be removed from the tape or to purchase on the radio;
  • a small plastic tube.

For the translational movement of the needle to find gear that can be taken from the same tape. Its diameter must meet the size of the engine shaft. This is necessary in order to gear firmly perched on the shaft and can not be scrolled. The final component of the product is a source of energy that will create tension in the 3-5V. To do this, you can use a regular power supply.

Before you make a homemade tattoo machine, it is necessary to squeeze out the paste bead. Pasta itself will serve as a guide for the needle. We push the string through the paste rod. In the case where the string can not pass through the small hole of the rod, a rounded portion may be cut at the place where the ball was located previously. It is also possible to lightly hone the string, which will facilitate its passage through the handle. Before that, you need to make sure that the size of the string coincides with the length of the rod.


Then we take a plastic tube and a small fire bend it so as to obtain an angle of 90 degrees. On one side of the tube fasten the engine, and with the opposite — the handle. Hold lock, you can use electrical tape. When this step is completed, you need to fix the string on the sleeve . To do this, at the end of the string loop is done in advance, which should correspond to a diameter of the sleeve.

The loop needs to be done so that it was not strongly tightened, but, at the same time, not hanging freely on the sleeve. With soldering machine soldering sleeve is held to the gear wheel. Thus it is necessary to sustain the correct distance from the hub to the shaft center. This directly affects the depth of the entry needle into the skin.

It should also be noted that the lower the gear will be selected and will be located closer to the center of the bush, the more clumping. Moving the pen towards the engine speed bumps can be corrected. If you have any desire to properly make a homemade tattoo machine video assembly will act as a good visual aid.


To check the resulting product in the work, you need to initially prepare a solution on the basis of black mascara. To get a more accurate picture, tattoos sketch first applied to the skin of a pen. During tattooing does not need to rush to press down the needle to the body, so that she could drive enough paint. If the body after the machine is cut flat black color, the machine is working properly. Be sure before applying tattoos to be treated with alcohol all the details of the machine, so as not to bring the infection under the skin.

Independent manufacture of tattoo machines, of course, greatly reducing the financial costs. However, it should take into account the disadvantages of such a solution. Do yourself a tattoo machine is not very convenient. The process itself may be associated with unpleasant sensations. This in turn can be displayed on the image quality.


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