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When we talked about how to tattoo a hand mentioned the sleeve tattoos. Then it was found that this is some kind of painting that occupies the entire area around the forearm or shoulder. In fact, this is a pretty big convention, although the sleeve does look exactly like that in most cases.

It is one of the most popular options to make a volumetric tattoo that emphasizes individuality and singles out from the crowd among men and women. We will analyze each formation in more detail.

The arm can be divided into 4 parts visually. The shape of the sleeve tattoo is determined in terms of the number of parts to be painted. In my opinion, we can distinguish two most common and beloved by all formats:

  • Long sleeves when the arm is completely hammered in this case, from the shoulder to the wrist
  • Half of the sleeve is from the shoulder to the elbow or from the elbow to the wrist
  • Quarter of the sleeve is half of the shoulder or forearm
Тату-3-4-рукава-для-мужчины Татуировка-3-4-рукава-для-девушки Татуировка-длинный-рукав Татуировка-пол-рукава Татуировка-пол-рукава-цветы

As it is not difficult to guess, besides this, you can choose the size of ¼ and ¾, however it is just a formality in fact. You can absolutely arbitrarily determine on your hand the place where the future sleeve will be located. According to my observations, the tattoo sleeve for girls is often chosen at a rate of 1/2, for men the longer sleeve and ¾ are more distinctive. Although these are just conventions, there are no rules in fact.

Another interesting observation is that the sleeve consists of disconnected images often. This is because various tattoos were applied to different areas of the hand initially, which later were combined into a general plot.

Of course it is desirable to create a general plot, a picture, a motive and a mood for a tattoo of a sleeve. It can be biomechanics, cosmophysics, a historical picture, and so on. Especially I want to highlight a sleeve in the style of Blackwork, it is a completely blackened area of the hand. Black tattoo sleeve also make those who want to close their previous tattoos. However, look!


There is an opinion that it is men who are more likely to experiment in regard to tattoos, to test themselves and their bodies in new directions. Girls, in their turn, often walk along the already beaten path, choosing more conservative and traditional motives in choosing the plot. The male tattoos sleeves can sometimes surprise, shock and impress the imagination with their unusualness in this regard.

The trash Polish style was little known among the masses until recently, just a few people decided on voluminous work in the dot work, and so on. The guys manage to embody the incredible ideas on hand today, a small part of which you can see in our gallery of photos and sketches of tattoos for men.

By the way, it’s funny, but on the Internet today you can find quite a funny thing such as disposable sleeve tattoos. This is something like a palea that dresses like clothes and looks like tattoos. Probably it is popular with people who want to create an image for a festive event or meeting with friends.

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Татуировка-черный-рукав Татуировка-рукав-узоры Тату-рукав-blackwork Фото-тату-рукава-в-стиле-blackwork Татуировка-пол-рукава-у-мужчины Татуировка-рукав Татуировка-рукав-и-грудь Татуировка-рукав-из-цветов Татуировка-рукав-со-щенком Татуировка-тигр-во-всю-руку Татуировка-четверть-рукава Тату-половина-рукава Тату-пол-рукава-черно-белая Тату-рукав Татуировки-в-виде-рукавов Тату-рукав-blackwork-стиль Тату-рукав-в-виде-девушки Тату-рукав-в-стиле-blackwork Тату-рукав-для-девушки Тату-рукав-для-мужчины Тату-рукав-морские-чудовища Тату-три-четверти-рукава Тату-четверть-рукава-для-девушки Фото-рукава-для-девушки Тату-четверть-рукава Фото-тату-в-пол-рукава Фото-татуировки-пол-рукава Фото-татуировки-рукав Фото-тату-пол-рукава-маори Фото-тату-пол-рукава-у-девуки Фото-тату-рукав Фото-тату-рукав-ворон Фото-тату-рукав-в-японском-стиле Фото-тату-рукав-феникс Татуировки-рукава Фото-тату-рукав-у-мужчины Тату-рукав-с-черепом

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