Getting a Tattoo Over Stretch Marks


The service of creating tattoos on stretch marks and scars is very popular among women both after natural delivery and after cesarean section. Is it possible for anyone to do tattoos on stretch marks and postoperative sutures or is there a contraindication?

The formation of new skin cells does not keep pace with the process of its stretching in pregnancy with an increase in the size of the abdomen. The skin becomes thinned and inelastic. The stretch marks are formed in this case. It is a thin connective tissue that fills the voids formed on the site of the damaged elastin. This fabric is very precise and sensitive. The stretch marks can spread over the stomach which subsequently becomes an aesthetic problem.

This problem can be solved with a tattoo only after restoring the skin and muscles on the abdomen. This requires a certain time, about a year. The stretch marks will finally form during this time and they will have a finished look.

Choosing a tattoo you need to remember that it is not a picture with a felt-tip pen, the tattoo will remain forever. Therefore, we must choose a professional master who will perform it both aesthetically and qualitatively.

A good master will offer a choice of more than one drawing, pick up the best colors. When choosing one should be guided not by a momentary desire, but remember the main goal — to close the banner. Yes, you can choose from a large number of styles and plot if the problem is not great. But it is better to coordinate the plot with a specialist if the area of overlap is large enough stretch marks are complex and have a characteristic color.

Floral and animalistic subjects, various symbols, signs of the zodiac, inscriptions are very popular among women. It can be pictures of small sizes hiding small stretches on the stomach. And there can be whole art paintings that capture not only the abdomen but also the hips and the lower back.

татуировка на растяжках


The scar after caesarean section becomes less noticeable over time usually acquiring a distinctive pink or light color. But in some cases rough scars form in the place of the suture. This defect causes women a lot of troubles in the aesthetic plane. One way to make the scar imperceptible is to perform a tattoo on it. When choosing this method one should be aware that there is a certain risk of infection by inexperience or dishonesty of the tattoo master. Figure tattoo on scar after the caesarean section is a good way to disguise it even if it is large. But you should carefully choose the salon and the master to avoid the risk of complications after a poor-quality procedure.


фото тату на растяжках на животе

Before applying to a tattoo — salon for typing tattoos on stretch marks or scars it is necessary to consult a doctor as this procedure is not recommended in certain cases:

  • On fresh scars and stretch marks. You should wait at least a year to have their formation;
  • On hypertrophic scars. They absorb a lot of paint which is not good for the body;
  • On keloid scars. Tattoo paint can provoke their proliferation or lead to the development of a malignant tumor.
  • Therefore women should take with full responsibility to such a popular tattoo. Especially it concerns women after cesarean section.

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