Can You Tattoo Over Scars? Tips & Risks

Tattoos on the scar, scars and burn marks

Make a tattoo on the scar may be the only way to restore the lost appeal body after injury, operations and illnesses. In this article we’ll show you how not to hurt yourself and not provoke the emergence of new diseases and tumors. Interesting collection of photos and sketches will help you choose the appropriate image and make sure it is easy to mask any scar.

Is it possible to do a tattoo on the scars?

Scars, scars and stretch marks in the first place psychologically unpleasant and produce a number of complexes. Not every defect can be removed by laser treatment or polishing, but a tattoo will not always be the best solution.

Atrophic scars

Scars whitish hue (may show through the blood vessels) are located below the skin, and soft to the touch. There are after simple operations, burns or deep cuts, as well as after acne. To this species belong and skin stretches , which appear later dramatic weight loss, long-term use of hormonal medications, after delivery.


In atrophic scars can be applied pectoral drawing, the main thing — the right approach to his choice. Some of the most popular tattoos to scars from appendicitis — pen or chili pepper. Their curved shape of the contour of the scar, and the cavity gives a good three-dimensional image. Men prefer to apply the image, symbolizing courage, physical and spiritual strength. However, it is worth remembering that the contour of the scar is long and slightly curved, so the head of a lion or the eagle can not hide the defect, and more highlight it. Silhouette images and colors must be chosen more carefully. Flamboyant personality flaw emphasize underwear picture in the form of wound, sewn with thick thread, with drops of blood, traces of bullets and other «charms». Scary looks zipper with a slider that opens the circulatory system and tendons.

Girls tattoo on the scar of caesarean section or appendectomy on her stomach often choose the composition of the big flowers, when the scar is in the middle, oblong, edged petals. The skin defect can be presented as a shadow that falls from the stem vines, cherry or peacock feathers. It is important that the paint can not be introduced into the scar.
Choose an image to stretch will be more difficult, especially when a large area of ​​damage. Because many small slips will be hard to pick a simple song.

It is better to give preference to a more complex and three-dimensional image with a small number of small parts, play around with the colors, shadows and transitions. Look beautiful bird on a branch with leaves and flowers, a rose with wings, cheetahs, cherry. Not bad tattoo will look at the scars on his stomach in the Japanese style, especially in men. Dragons, abstraction, Celtic motifs, portraits are also suitable, you can use multiple shades of black and gray.


However, keep in mind that stretching may increase, and appear on other parts of the body, so before the procedure is better to consult a doctor to find out the cause of this skin defect. It is better to prevent the emergence of new elastin fibers breaks, or on the scar tattoo may be distorted, stretched.

normotroficheskie scars

The scars are flat, a few shades lighter than the skin, are at her level. They appear later in shallow cuts, minor burns, surgical procedures, where the operation takes place on the epidermis, not damaged acellular layer (basement membrane) and the deep layers of the skin. Scarring is almost imperceptible, but still affect the self-esteem and beauty. Choose figure is much simpler, but monochrome images is better not to apply: the color can be changed. Leaves, butterflies, Celtic ornaments, birds — such tattoos to scars on his hand girl will look very attractive. Look beautiful tattoo made with white paint.

Hypertrophic scars

The dark scars protruding the skin surface. They appear after major surgery, severe burns, severe injury. Scars may be formed due to complications and festering sores easy, especially in the areas of the folds of the joints, as well as genetic predisposition.

Tattoos on hypertrophic scars applied undesirable, and if there is no other way out, be sure to consult with your doctor. scar cells are able to absorb a sufficient amount of paint that the very harmful for the body . To put the image, you need to enter as much pigment as would be enough for 2-3 images! It is difficult to pick up the picture, because the scar is above the level of the skin. Tattoos should go beyond its contours, it is best to use multiple colors with multiple shades: tree with flowers and hummingbirds, a dragon or monster overseas. Experienced master build-up could turn into dignity: the image will appear three-dimensional and attractive


The colloidal scars

The dense, like cartilage, education, more like a tumor, rather than a scar. They have a bumpy surface of pink, reddish or purple color that gradually increases and goes beyond the damage to the skin. They not only spoil the person, but may be accompanied by itching and irritation. The causes of these scars have not yet been studied. The most common colloid formation observed in people with a genetic predisposition, may occur after minor injuries and cuts, piercing or a simple puncture earlobes for earrings, even a few years later!

Most concurs that the tattoo is not recommended in such scars. If, after a long and successful procedures remain a scar, paint wearable paintings might push a new education and even lead to the emergence of malignant tumors.

Birthmarks and papilloma

Under these entities is a lot of blood capillaries. Any interference in most cases, provoking the appearance of cancer cells. A good master always shy away from such places skillfully blend with undershirt picture. Tattoo on birthmarks dangerous to health and life, but if you really want, it is best to seek advice from onkodermatologu and pass the necessary tests. Do not ignore the advice of a doctor, even if you do not plan to completely clog pattern.

Features tattoos to scars

  • You can not fill his drawings on fresh scars, they must be fully tightened. Once the wound has healed, you need to wait 6-12 months, it is best to do a tattoo for the second year. In the fresh scar picture can not turn or shift over time, the procedure will take painful, there is a risk of complications.
  • Choosing the wizard, look at photos of tattoos on the scars. Evaluate the quality, in fact reduce the wearable image desired. After scar treatments can be increased.
  • scar tissues differently perceive pigments than healthy skin. Figure can get a completely different hue than planned.
  • better to abandon the one-color images , and choose 3-4 colors and work on their shades. Good camouflage scars subtle transitions, partial shade, highlights and shadows. Do not choose patterns among Polynesian, Indian motifs, inscriptions, characters, small images in the form of hearts and stars. It is undesirable to apply too much of the composition: the skin defect to be too noticeable
  • .

  • The structure of rumen non-uniform, with dimples and irregularities, the paint may be difficult to keep, so the image will be ready in just a few sessions. The pigment in the affected area may lose its brightness earlier than in healthy skin, often have to adjust.
  • In order not to regret the tattoo made on the scar, it is necessary to take into account the time change on the affected area of ​​the body, to get acquainted with the recommendations of experts. Since the nerve endings are located near the renewal of the epidermis, the procedure will be a little harder than normal skin.
  • If you do not want to fill pattern for a lifetime, you can use a temporary henna tattoo. The ornament on the body keeps up to 3 weeks.
  • If doctors do not advise to do the tattoo, do not despair. The master can beat the flaw, making it less noticeable to emphasize the figure.
  • Scars can appear after the removal of underwear pictures. Flatten tattoo without scarring is possible only with the aid of a laser.
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Photos and designs

тату-на-шрамах Перекрытие-шрама-тату Перекрытие-шрама-татуировкой Татуировка-на-рубцах Татуирока-поверх-рубца

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