Jake Gyllenhaal tattoo Meanings and Photos

Tattoos Jake Gyllenhaal

Acting involves shooting various images, requiring the actor’s considerable efforts and drastic changes. Often apply applying temporary tattoos for certain roles. Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted many times with the tattoo made for movies. Constant actor to do is not going to.

The actor responsible approach to each role. He tries to transform into his character, to understand his thoughts and feelings.

    • In the film «Prisoner» on the neck of the actor’s image of a star. His character, Detective Loki, strongly religious man.


    • In the latter film «Lefty» actor plays a boxer. For the filming, he had not only strengthened work on her figure, but also put a few images. On the neck of Jake Gyllenhaal tattoo swallows in flight, symbolizing the desire for freedom and independence. On the chest, arms, back and neck labels and dates with personal meaning for the hero, the name of his daughter. Tattoos Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie «Southpaw» create a brutal image of a man of principle, to protect their values.



    • Tattoos on the body of Jake Gyllenhaal were seen even during his games in the theater.


The actor is equally serious about all your endeavors. It is equally deeply immersed in work and hobbies, all seeking to achieve better results and bring it to perfection.

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