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James Hetfield can rightly be considered a legend of heavy rock music. One of the founders of the group «Metallica». The artist is not only a terrific guitarist, artist, his creative nature extend further. In his spare time, he likes to draw, is interested in symbolism and graphic design. His hobbies are displayed on the body in the form of numerous tattoos.

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James Hetfield invests in tattoos deep values, reflecting through their attitude to life family, marking significant events.

  1. On his left shoulder is a composition of four playing cards that make up the date of his birth. Flames are related to an incident that occurred during a performance at a concert in Montreal in 1992. actor embraced twelve-foot flames in the performance «Fade to Black» this day. Presentation took place with a group of «Guns`n Roses». The accident was caused by pyrotechnics. Complementing the composition Latin inscription «Carpe Diem Baby» literally meaning «Seize the day, baby.» It symbolizes the call to enjoy every moment in life.
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  3. On the breast of the singer’s tattoo dedicated to families and children. It combines the names «Marcella», «Tali» and «Castor» around prayerfully folded hands and the holy cross. Children are always in his heart and he prays for their souls. Swallows on the sides appeared later.
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  5. On the inner side of the right hand illustration of the religious of St. Michael and Satan. Guitarist Sam sees in the stories of the saints inspiration. Tattoo urging people not to enter into temptation. It also symbolizes the victory over the human vices.

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  7. On the outside of the right hand is depicted Jesus Christ. Displays fascination James iconography, faith and find inspiration in religion.
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  9. On the back of the hand shows the «F» and «M» Latin letters designating two love singer: the creation of all life group Metallica and the name of a woman’s life Francesca.
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  11. On the right shoulder shows a graphic composition on the base of the skull, surrounded by the words «Live to Win, Dare to Fail». It means that life is given one, and you should be able to take risks in order to succeed.
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  13. In the crook of his left hand James Hetfield tattoo music songs «Orion». This song was played at his funeral, friend of Cliff Burton. It serves as a reminder of him.
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  15. On the back of a rock musician composition of the words «Lead Foot», fire and horseshoe. The treatment is simple: speed, hard rock and is powerful perception of life.
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  17. At the elbow of the right hand shows a spider with a wrench in it.
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  19. On the rear surface of the skull is the left hand.
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  21. The inner part of the right hand contains tattoo «Faith» inscription.
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  23. On the neck of the singer shows a skull with wings.

  24. James Hetfield, lead vocalist of heavy metal band Metallica, performs during a concert in Caracas

  25. The left elbow is depicted Iron Cross.
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  27. On the inside of his left hand the composition of the coat of arms covered by the flame under the title «Pope, Pat.» That is the name of popular rock-coterie. The ship depicted wrenches, guitar, microphone and royal lily. The tattoo symbolizes the problems experienced and the favorite hobby musician. Name «Papa Het» musician gave itself after the birth of her second child.
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  29. On the left hand is shown with an illustration of a religious tattoo of an angel.
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  31. On the left arm above the elbow tattooed letter «CBL» in memory of a good friend Cliff Lee Barton.

It is possible that religious tattoos James Hetfield rooted in childhood. His parents were very religious. Most of the images were made famous tattoo artist Corey Miller.

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