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Katy Perry Tattoo

Tattoo lovers often adhere to a particular style. Their images are close in meaning, appearance. The famous American singer, composer, writer and actress Katy Perry is different from the total mass of stars in their unpredictability. Her tattoos are striking mismatch each other, they are unique and interesting.


Often, about the meaning of a tattoo Katy Perry and their importance in the life of the singer can only guess, star of stage and likes to keep the suspense to attract attention to extraordinary deeds. Once she entered confused their fans by making a temporary tattoo with the words «Josh Grobin» on the chest (the name of a little-known singer at that time).

The value of tattoos

At this point on the body of Katy Perry has five tattoos.

  1. The first tattoo Katie stuffed after moving to Los Angeles on his left wrist. She grew up in a family of believers, and believes that religion, a sense of faith in helping all the difficulties. The word «Jesus» symbolizes its faith, it saves on the choice of the wrong path in life.
  2. 1

  3. In 2009, the singer appear flirty two tattoos on the ankles. On the right is shown smiling sweetie, and on the left — strawberry with a smile. From the singer sounded note that the images are associated with the magical period of her life — the last 15 months. Judging by the time of appearance of tattoos on her body, it is possible to link it to the next stage of her artistic career, the rise in popularity, but this is only speculation.
  4. 2

  5. On the inside of the right hand you can see the inscription «Anugachchati pravaha». The phrase is written in Sanskrit and translated into Russian urges drift. The same tattoo done her husband (at the time) Russel Brand.

  6. 3

  7. On his right wrist a small image of a lotus. This oriental symbol brings love, well-being and beauty in life.
  8. 4

  9. The latest tattoo, which the singer had no immediate comment, was the image of the icon «Hallo Kitty» on the inside of the right middle finger.
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Knowing the sense of humor and eccentricity singers, we can expect the next unusual tattoos.


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