Sylvester Stallone tattoo Meanings and Photos

Тату Сильвестра Сталоне

Sylvester Stallone is a legend of cinema, especially genre militants. His age is not a hindrance, and it looks sporty and youthful for him. Not just in the movies he appeared with temporary tattoos on the body. Now the actor has decided to make a permanent and in a short period of time he has appeared three color composition on the body, complementing the tightened figure.


All three tattoos Sylvester Stallone made in the same style, getting the overall composition. It uses bright colors and amazing surprises realistic images.

  1. Initially, there was a portrait image of the actor’s wife Jennifer Flavin on the right shoulder, surrounded by three rosebuds disclosed. They have been married for almost 20 years. Roses symbolize the three girls born from this union: Sophia, and Scarlet Sistina. The second name is Rosa all subsidiaries.
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  3. On the left-hand shoulder made another beautiful tattoo, the meaning of which more than intriguing. Green eyes clearly belong to the wife of the actor. The value of the other elements is unknown. We can assume that the horse symbolizes loyalty and skull — belonging to one woman until death. But while this is only speculation, Sylvester Stallone’s tattoo has not commented.

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  5. A back actor graced scale tattoo made Jeff Kogu. This tattoo artist is popular among stars. Image of the fallen angel in the form of a woman surrounded by the flames, skull and dagger. Picture looks quite aggressive and strong.
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Tattoos Sylvester Stallone looked harmoniously and effectively. It is possible that another image will appear on the body of the actor.

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