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Tom Hardy’s tattooes — what do they mean?

Drinking tattoos people have different, someone categorically against, does not want to expose the body Tests and leave marks on it, and someone is a fan of this art and uses the body as a canvas on which to create the master. Images chosen for a reason, they are important for the owner to be associated with the events, people, impressions, inner world. The famous actor Tom Hardy has on the body for more than 20 tattoos, reminding him of the distance covered, committed errors and warning against the return to the past.

Despite the opinion of many, the image on the body does not interfere with the acting career of Tom, and in some motion pictures on the contrary have to dorisovyvat additional drawings. All Tom Hardy tattoo complement it, talk about the personality, reveal the inner world.


Already in the 15-year-old Tom came first tattoo. The image of a mythical creature from Irish folklore symbolizes the relationship with the roots of the maternal line. His mother belonged to the Irish Catholics and worked as an artist. Leprechaun symbol of good luck, success in financial affairs.


Terms on the left side of the abdomen

В честь первой супруги Том сделал надпись, сделанную на кубиках пресса «Till I die SW» (в переводе на русский «До самой смерти Сара Уорд»). Их брак продлился пять лет.


Dragon Image

In the hidden part of the left shoulder shows a large dragon. This tattoo Tom Hardy is dedicated to Sarah. Her year of birth of the Dragon on the Eastern calendar. In addition, the image of a fire-breathing mythological animal Eastern symbolizes power and strength. Bared teeth give aggressiveness.


Letter W

On the right hand on the inner side is a large letter «W». It is for certain known value of the tattoo. There is speculation that she is also dedicated to his first wife, with this letter begins her surname.


Celtic pattern

On the right hand around the leprechaun shows Celtic pattern. These figures are very popular among fans of tattoos, as suited to any age and gender. The purpose of the image to hide the previous tattoo and complete the image of a mythical creature. It is pattern in green, symbolizing Ireland.


Name Linda King

By drawing a dragon tattoo done, Tom Hardy «Lindy King» — is the name of his agent, with whom they have worked for many years. Tattoo packed as the promise: the condition was, if she breaks his window to Hollywood, he will stuff her name.



In the picture of Tom Hardy seen scorpion tattoo on his back. There exists a scorpion set of values, both positive and negative. It symbolizes fidelity, justice, courage, passion, death, duplicity, treachery, is the patron of the dead souls. This is just a short list of a variety of its values. What exactly connects with Tom animals is unknown. Image was one of the first on the body of the star.



Two masks with different expressions mimic, are popular among the people of creative professions are represented on the chest of Tom Hardy. They are accompanied by the words «Smile Now Cry Later» (in Russian translation, «Laugh Now — cry later»).



Above the image mask on the photo of Tom Hardy seen tattooed numbers. The figures are repeated the number of military medal a friend of his father, from the army, who was the coach of actor Patrick Monroe.


Star and portrait

Roman actor and Rachel Speed gave him a son, Louis. Star and the image of the Virgin Mary on the shoulder of his left hand, Tom dedicated primarily to your child when he learned of the pregnancy sweetheart. Also tattoo symbolizes rebirth of Tom.


Надписи, посвященные ребенку

Tom Hardy has devoted some of his first-born tattoo. On the neck there is a phrase in Spanish «Padre Fiero» (in Russian «fatherly pride»), and on the right shoulder «Figlio mio bellissimo» (in Russian translation, «My beautiful son»).


Initials son «LH» tattooed on his left arm next to the image.


Portrait of a son

In the arms of the Virgin Mary image of Tom Hardy scored Louis with the date of his birth, «848» (Louis was born on April 8, 2008).


Abstract pattern

Starting with the left hand, back out the bulk tattoo resembling angular symbols or lettering. Figure looks impressive and aggressive, its value is not known until the end.


Patriotic tattoo

The British star tenderly loves his homeland and London. His body has a panoramic view of the city and the British flag. Tattoos did Brian Gletiotis known master among the stars.



Above the tattoo on his right triceps W feather image with the word «Scribe». Tattoo Tom Hardy spent a good girlfriend Kelly Marcellus, working writer and game staged «The Long Red Road» in Chicago five years ago.



Near Celtic pattern on the photo of Tom Hardy tattoo is visible to a small cross. The value of the figure is not known. We can assume that it is a symbol of faith. Tattoo Tom Hardy appeared after filming the film «Warrior».


Portrait of Charlotte

In 2009, he met Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley. Their affair lasted several years and ended with the wedding in 2014. To mark the feelings for the beloved British stuffed tattooed her portrait on the left side of the torso. The image of Charlotte soars over the city with your eyes closed. Tattoo packed with five years ago, while working on the set of the movie «This Means War».


Name Charlotte

Name beloved Tom stuffed in the neck as five years ago on the set in Vancouver.



On the chest of Hardy depicted black raven with a pale image of a bat inside. This picture is dedicated to the two films that won him universal love and popularity of «Mad Max» and «The Dark Knight Rises.» Tattoo made three years ago.


Inscription «II O & amp; R»

Inside the Celtic figure three years ago there was a small piece of text, stands for «To Observe and Reflect» (in Russian translation, «Observe and think»). This adheres to the motto of the actor, he said.


Dog muzzle

On the left side of the back two years ago, the actor made a massive muzzle pit bull tattoo. Tom loves dogs, his dog Max had recently died. The exact value is unknown.


In 2013, the actor took part in a photo shoot Greg Williams. The photo clearly seen Tom Hardy tattoos. It is noticeable that in the back there was not just a dog muzzle, supplemented with a portrait of Charlotte’s way and angel inscription.

This year, the star made a few more tattoos: an image of a wolf’s muzzle, a crow and heart. From his comments known that the heart symbolizes an open heart, raven wisdom, intelligence, and devotion to the wolf, and absurdity.


Tom Hardy has repeatedly observed that the drawings on the body is not just a hobby, it is a map of his life with all the events, experiences. Every detail is important and represents a certain stage for him.

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