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Of course, our calculator will not be able to guess for sure how much you’ll have to pay for a new tattoo. In different parts of the world, cities, districts and tattoo parlors prices can vary significantly. In this short article the author tries to define, how to estimate an average tattoo cost. There are several methods of assessment.

  1. According to the complexity, size and content.
  2. In this case, the master evaluates the complexity of work, taking into account style, size of the tattoo, colors, backgrounds and so on. Most people consider this method of estimating the most correct and fair. Meanwhile others argue that for a true master the style and other technical aspects of a tattoo are not that important. For truly experienced artist heavy realistic tattoos require almost the same attempt as hieroglyphs and blackwork ornaments.

  3. According to the time spent on work
  4. Today it is the most popular method of evaluation used in most parlors. When you raise the question, how much does it cost to get a tattoo, they tell you, how much time the work is going to take. The time of actual work is getting paid. This method implies two variations:

    • By estimated number of hours;
    • By estimated number of sessions.

    A session is essentially a one day of work. This may be 2,3,4 hours depending on a location, where you live and the concrete case. The idea is pretty simple: number of sessions gets multiplied by the standard cost of one session.

    For example, the session costs 200$, and your tattoo requires 2 sessions, so what you have to pay is:

    200$ * 2 = 400$
  5. According to the current mood of a performer

Of course, this is a bit exaggerated wording. This method implies no clear formula of calculation, and tattoo artist’s studio will determine the value of your tattoo on the assumption of former experience and some other factors.

However, as a rule, all three mentioned methods of calculation give more or less similar results.

Do I have to pay for a design?

Yes. Generally if you want to realize a concrete idea and have a clear vision of how your tattoo should look like, the artist can do a design for additional price.

However, almost any ready picture, found in internet or somewhere else, can be used as a tattoo design. For example, if client wants a realistic bear on his skin, an appropriate photo of a bear could be used as a design.
In this case, the design is free and doesn’t require any special costs.

Can I save a few dollars?

First of all, administration doesn’t recommend anyone to think a lot about saving money on tattoos. Please choose high-qualified artists only, use professional equipment and pay much attention on a recovery period.

Meanwhile, there are 2 simple steps how you can save a bit cash. First of all – if you want a unique design, it’s cheaper to ask a professional painter to do it. A painter will definitely do a design cheaper than a tattoo artist, for whom it’s just a very secondary thing to do.

According to my experience, big names of this industry mostly work just with their own designs, not accepting anyone’s else paintings. That means that even if you ask them to do a unique design for you for money, that still will not mean they will be interested in it.

But still, painter will make a design much faster and cheaper than a tattoo artist. Don’t forget to explain all important features of a future tattoo, such as:

  • Size;
  • Colors (try to avoid white color if it’s not fundamentally important);
  • Body location (design should fit the form).

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Second opportunity to save money on a tattoo is to make a deal with a tattoo artist about doing the work at his apartment or a home studio. Many good specialists combine working in a parlor with a private practice, and second one is definitely more advantageous in a point of pricing.

In this case the cost of a tattoo can be much cheaper. Therefore you should be completely sure about the qualification of your master, his professional skills, equipment, etc.

Hopefully, after reading this article you came to an understanding of how to estimate a tattoo cost. Wish you good time in a parlor! If you like the article, feel free to share it with friends. And here is another competent opinion in a video format. Worth watching!

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