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666 Tattoo

The number 666 is associated directly with the devil, Satan, and death. This representation graphically revealed in the movie «The Omen.» In fact, such a vision is not justified. Often the owners of Tattoo 666 — people with an active temperament, cheerful, able to win the attention of the public and become a universal favorite.



The main treatment related to the religious significance of.

  • Based on the books and «The Omen» movies, information about connection number 666, and the devil is disclosed in «Revelation.» In fact, in the Bible, 666 is compared with the wisdom and the recognized number of the person or animal that has it. The negative value of 666 Tattoo — individual interpretation of each.
  • Some peg the figure for the second coming of Jesus Christ, who will come back to fight the apostates from the faith and will be marked by this number on the body.
  • Tattoo 666 symbolizes wisdom, prosperity and knowledge.

In any case, it is necessary to be careful with the number around which so many myths and contradictions. Having a tattoo on the body 666 can be faced with condemnation on the part of people who believe. A lot of prejudices and superstitions has a psychological impact on the owner of the image. In the Bible itself there page 666 and no effect on the meaning of a text written in her room does not bear.

Tattoo 666 in a prominent place will attract attention to you and is surrounded in mystery and controversy. It is worth remembering that the value of the tattoo depends on the investment of personal meaning.

Photos and designs

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