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Tattoo amulets

The history of tattoos began long ago: the ancient Egyptians decorated their bodies with small pictures. Initially, they were laid only one meaning — protection from the dark forces and the evil eye


Now the tattoo charms are not as popular as the men, and the fair sex, but most are a common decoration. So before you impale your body on a particular picture or pattern, is to ask what it means.

The following types of protective tattoos can be distinguished among a wide variety of:

Тату-паук-на-ноге eskiz-tattoo-lovca-snov Тату-солнце-на-шее славянская-татуировка-на-руке тату гора 14
Spider Dreamcatcher Black sun Slavic Mountain
Арабская татуировка на запястье Тату-с-иероглифом-на-шее
Koran quotes Hieroglyphics


Dreamcatcher — a favorite symbol of the American Indian, which catches in his web of bad dreams and protect from evil spirits. If to add a tattoo image of a spider, you get a powerful amulet. Spider protect its owner from illness and attract health.

Black Sun — a powerful talisman, who find refuge in its wearer from enemies and damage.

Значение-татуировок-оберегов Оберег-тату-солнце Тату-оберег-черное-солнце Тату-с-черным-солнце Татуировка-черное-солнце-оберег

Celtic ornaments consist of endless loops, and are a great meaning, and protect against the evil eye.

Slavic amulets and runes are very popular. Runes symbolize the Slavic gods, and among the most widely used amulets two characters: ladinets and fern flower. Ladinets — oberezhny symbol of family values, and the symbol in the form of a flower fern has healing properties.

Славянский-оберег-тату Славянский-обреег-тату татуировка-оберег Славянская-татуировка-оберег Оберег-тату-славян

The eye in the pyramid — the most common tattoo amulet against the evil eye, which was popular with the ancient Egyptians. A few lines lies a huge force to protect the eyes, which will help its owner in the fight against the negative.

Тату-оберег-от-сглаза Тату-оберег-против-сглаза Тату-оберег-глаз Татуировка-оберег-с-глазом Тату-оберег-глаз-в-пирамиде

Runes embody tremendous magical power, and translated from the Old Norse mean whisper. Many nations of the world have used them to protect against negativity. The problem is that to make the right formula of the runes can only runologi professional who knows all their values: both explicit and implicit. A misunderstood symbol tattoo will host only trouble.

Татуировка-оберег-с-руной Тату-оберег-в-виде-руны Тату-оберег-руна татуировка-оберег-руна Фото-тату-оберега-в-виде-руны

Quotes from the religious books stuffed himself on the body of faithful believers. Place it more often on the chest, and it is believed that the owner of a tattoo was considered a safe shelter from all evil.

Татуировка-оберег-иероглиф Тату-оберег-в-виде-иероглифа Татуировка-знак-зодиака-оберег тату-оберег-с-иероглифом Згначение-татуировки-оберега-иероглиф

Character — the most stylish character used in the tattoo industry. More often than not choose Japanese or Chinese, symbolizing Zodiac signs.

Another image category with the function of a protective talisman — tattoo of a mask. It is a shield that can cover himself in a dangerous situation. More details about the masks you will find in a separate article.

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