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Ant tattoo meanings

Tattoos depicting ants are often chosen by people who share similar qualities with these insects — hard work, diligence, endurance , a clear procedure and schedule of activities. Although that is quite difficult to make the image of ants on the body attractive, such an idea is selected for tattoos, many people from different countries of the world.

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Positive symbol ant can be found in some of the world’s cultures:

  1. In China, these insects are considered a symbol of justice, virtue and compassion.

  2. People who adhere to the Buddhist religion, respect the ants for their gentleness and good tolerance limits throughout.

  3. Estonians believe that the emergence of this kind of insects in the house — one of the hallmarks of good events in the near future
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  5. In Bulgaria and Switzerland to the ants, on the contrary, a negative attitude, because there is a belief that they bring misfortune and failure.

  6. The indigenous people of North America generally considered these small «craftsmen» sacred animals.

Also, in many nations there are many proverbs about ants and their positive qualities.

Plots and ideas

Before you decide to make a tattoo, you need not only to determine for themselves the meaning of which she will be, but also to choose a location on the body. For example, very often, these images are made on the arms, legs and even the whole body. You can find a combination of ants with other insects.

In terms of colors tattoo artist used shades of black and red. Sometimes the use of other colors -.. Yellow, green, orange, brown, etc. In this regard, the happy owner of a new tattoo will stop only own fantasy


The style of tattoos meets the most diverse — biomechanics, 3D-image, realism and stylization, as well as much more. If the future owner wants to portray tattoo ants crawling all over the body, it is best to find a good master who can portray insects in detail so that they do not cause negative impressions.

People who want to collect on your body as much as possible repulsive tattoos, body piercing, over time, also come to the subject of insects (ants in particular). «Freaks» can do such a body-worn patterns on the face, the head, the whole area of ​​the body, free from tattoos.

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Elan, elusiveness, speed

Photos and designs

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