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Many people are sure that the image of the clown symbolizes fun and laughter. They may be right to some extent, but not 100%. In fact, a clown, if it symbolizes laughter, this laugh is most likely sarcastic and ironic.

So it turns out that the clown seems to be depicted in gay colors, but his goal is to make people think that you should not be too serious, you can afford to relax a little. Indeed, at the sight of the tattoo, Harlequin wants to become carefree and cheerful, to throw away all the far-fetched fears and experiences. Another thing is that in the tattoo art the image of this hero, known even from the children’s book about Pinocchio, is associated more likely with sadness and emotions. Therefore, in a number of cases, the Harlequin is a sad clown, and not a cheerful merry fellow.

It is a double symbol, which, like, calls us to have fun, but the ominous essence is also caught. It’s clear that such associations arise after watching modern movies, where people wearing masks with Harlequin burst into banks, brandishing weapons, taking hostages and so on. If you drop associations with movies, then the harlequin tattoo can be quite harmless. It helps a person to overcome their own fears, teaches us to deal with many life difficulties easier, to reject an unnecessary negative.

Drawing an image of a Harlequin in a bandit role — in the blood and with aggressive features — symbolize the opposite things: anger, hatred, betrayal and destruction. Therefore, before deciding to apply such a pattern on the body, it is worthwhile to deal with the symbolism. By the way, in English the word Harlequin is the name of that same girlfriend of the Joker — an evil clowness, helping the main villain commit crimes. That’s why you will meet pictures with this nice person on the video and in our photo gallery.

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