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Harlequin tattoo meaning

Many people believe that clown image symbolizes the fun and laughter. To some extent they may be right, but not 100%. In fact, the clown, and if symbolizes laughter, this laughter is likely sarcastic and ironic.

So it turns out that the clown like and depicted in cheerful colors, but its goal — to get people to think about the fact that you should not be too serious, you can afford to relax a little bit. Indeed, in the form of a tattoo Harlequin and I want to be carefree and fun, throw away all far-fetched fears and experiences. Another thing is that in the tattoo art image of a hero known even by children’s book about Pinocchio, associated more with sadness and feelings. Therefore, in some cases Harlequin — the sad clown, not pleasing the audience merry


This dual character that is like and calls upon us to have fun, but also captured and its sinister nature. Understandably, such associations have occur after views of modern films, where masked men burst into a Harlequin banks, waving arms, taking hostages and so on. If we reject association with the films, the harlequin tattoo can be quite harmless. It helps a person to overcome their own fears, teaches easier to relate to many of the difficulties of life, discard the excess negativity.

The application of the Harlequin image in gangster roles — in blood and with aggressive features — symbolize contradictory things: anger, hatred, betrayal and destruction . Therefore, before you decide to put a pattern on the body, it is necessary to deal with symbols. By the way, in English, the word Harlequin — the name of the most girlfriends of the Joker — an evil clown, helping the main villain commit crimes. That is why the video in our gallery you will find pictures of this cute lady.

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