35 Aurochs Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


The bison tattoo with all the clarity of its meaning has a lot of subtexts. First of all, a bison is a symbol of a huge and powerful male force, a strong beginning. A bison is a symbol of the fertile sun in many cultures. The roar that the animal emits is the symbol of a big storm with thunder and lightning. The cause of the earthquake was explained by the thunder of an angry bison earlier. Thus, the tattoo of a bison is a symbol of male power and strength.

In many nations, the deities were portrayed in the form of this strong horned animal. The man who made a tattoo of a bison symbolized this vital force, royalty, the inexplicable strength of the elements of nature. The picture of a bison on the body has its own significance for each nation.

The bison is a symbol of personality in the Buddhists, it is considered to be the bearer of the whole soul of the world for the Iranians, this animal symbolized power and strength in the Celts. The Egyptians and Indians have a bison (bull) as a symbol of worship and respect. The bison also belonged to the venerated symbols in ancient Rome and Greece.

With all positive meaning of such tattoos, the black bison is a symbol of death, the fiery beginning, having a connection with demons and otherworldly power.

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Apparently, the modern interpretation of the meaning of tattoos has not changed and it also means strength, though stubborn and not always reasonable, but natural and noble. Black bison, often portrayed with burning eyes, symbolizes games with death and dark forces. If he is saddled, then it can mean taming of the primitive animal beginning in the man.

The image of a bison with a human body is possible. This figure is designed to protect the owner, be his guardian and protect his energy and strength.

The tattoo of the bison has its meaning in the prison. The owners of this tattoo are fighters, who, on orders, arrange physical reprisals.

The tattoo of a bison is often applied by men, who are impressed by the primitive power and energy of the animal, its masculine principle. They are placed either on the chest or on the forearm most often.

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