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Aurochs tattoo meanings

Tattoo bison with all precision and clarity of its value has a lot of implications. First of all, the European bison — a symbol of the vast and powerful male force, a strong start. In many cultures, a bison — a symbol of the fertile sun. Roar, which publishes an animal, a symbol of a great storm with thunder and lightning. The cause of the earthquake before explaining whisper furious bison. Thus, bison tattoo — a symbol of male strength and power.

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In many nations of the deity depicted as a horned animal that strong. The person who inflicted a tattoo bison, symbolized by this vitality, royalty, inexplicable power of the elements of nature. To every people figure bison has its importance in the body.

The Buddhists bison is a symbol of identity, the Iranians, he is considered the bearer of the whole world of the soul, the Celts symbolized this animal power and strength. The Egyptians and Indians bison (bull) is the symbol of worship and respect. In ancient Rome and Greece also applied to bison revered symbols.

On the positive animal tattoo, black bison is a symbol of death, fire starters, having a relationship with the demons and otherworldly force.

As you can see, the modern interpretation of the values ​​of the tattoo has not changed, and all also means force, although stubborn and not always reasonable, but the natural, and noble. Black Bison, who is often depicted with glowing eyes, the game symbolizes the death and the forces of darkness. If bison saddled, it could mean the beginning of taming the primitive beast in man.

Perhaps the image of a bison with the human body. This figure is intended to protect the owner to be his guardian and protect its energy and power.

In the area of ​​bison tattoo has its own value. The winners of this tattoo are the men who by order arrange physical violence.

Tattoo bison often applied to men who are impressed by the primitive force and energy of the animal, his masculinity. Place the most often, or on the chest or upper arm.

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