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Candle tattoo meanings

Tattoo with the image of candles appeared for a long time. A few centuries ago, the first mention of these headdresses were recorded in Europe. Sam pectoral picture candle means only one thing — a ray of hope, a guiding light , accompanying a person throughout life. This reminds tattooed man on the transience of life.

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Today there are many varieties of tattoo candle, each of which is distinguished by a special meaning. It is necessary to cite the example of the most popular versions of wearable drawings and their meanings:

  • Tattoo candles with dripping wax is usually done in memory of the deceased person.

  • The event, which greatly influenced the further life and the fate of the owner of the picture, is embodied in the form of a small cinder fading.

  • Thin candles along with other church or religious attributes speaks not only of piety tattoo owner, but also his faith in the human soul and the power of knowledge.

  • Images candles often make on your body people who gave of their lives places of detention.

tattoos may also have another meaning, if you do it on your own original model.

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Love for music and retro

Значение татуировки статуя свободы
Statue of liberty

American values

Photos and designs

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