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Zen symbol is associated with Zen Buddhism and Japanese calligraphy. It means the moment, when the mind is completely freed from thoughts and ideas, which enables the true essence of a person to create.

This image is one of the few, occurrence of which was recorded in history. In 1707, the monk Hakuin saw the skill of the village calligrapher Zen, which struck him to such an extent that he burned his brushes, considering his paintings as the one that didn’t reflect inner essence.

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Tattoo artists consider Enso (Zen circle) to be the most attractive Zen image. It is a symbol of integrity, completeness, cyclical nature of being. This is a graphic manifestation of the contents of the Heart Sutra.

Such a tattoo can be in the form of a closed or open circle. In the first case, the circle is a symbol of continuous karmic rebirths, and the space inside is a sign of liberation and enlightenment. The other option indicates something more sublime, inseparable from the outside world.

Such an image on the body symbolizes the following:

  • enlightenment;
  • power;
  • elegance;
  • the universe;
  • emptiness.

Both women and men adorn their bodies with such tattoos. They are most often inked on back, side, shoulder, arm, chest.

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