Eiffel Tower Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Eiffel tower tattoo meanings

Eiffel Tower — is the first attraction that comes to mind at the mention of Paris. Architectural brings the romance, serenity, love, reverie. Those who once visited Paris, want to go back there again and again.

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Tattoo Eiffel Tower is ideal for people who are able to see all the delights of the world and are inspired by what they saw. This, above all, open creative individuals who are able to give without reserve their feelings, emotions and experiences.

tattoo symbolizes freedom, creativity, sophistication and refinement . It is advantageously chosen women, who are more dreamy and romantic than men. Tattoo Eiffel Tower shows vulnerability owner, about a sophisticated sense of beauty, the desire to experience true love. Very often tattoo make the tower to the long cold evenings to remember the trip.

The sketch is performed predominantly black, bright colors are used much less frequently. The tower is depicted as standing alone, and additional elements. This may be part of the city, fireworks, all kinds of labels.

Значение татуировки статуя свободы
Statue of liberty

American values


Path, road, adventure

Photos and designs

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