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Elephant tattoo meaning

Try to approach your friends and ask what associations they arise in the Peer to tattoo the elephant. I think you get a rather different answers. Someone powerful these animals are associated with the countries of the African and Asian regions.

One thinks aphorisms eats like an elephant or clumsy as an elephant in a china shop . Maybe someone even remember about the role of elephants in Buddhism, and other religions and cultures of the East. Well, all the options are viable. It’s time to list all the known values ​​of the elephant tattoos.

Let’s start with a cultural dimension. The largest place is given to the elephant in India, where it is considered the epitome of happiness and wisdom of God Ganesha, who is portrayed with an elephant head. In addition, in the same India these majestic animals have long been used as transport. In ancient times they were transporting the supreme rulers, but now please tourists. In other Asian countries, such as Cambodia and Thailand elephants symbolize fertility.


Buddhist legend has it that the Queen Maya realized that she had a son, the future Buddha, he saw a small white elephant in a dream. This legend is today embodied in the tattoo with the image of a white elephant . By the way, the white ink tattoo is a separate area, which suggested to find out more! In short, in the East, the elephant is a sacred animal, the personification of strength, longevity, fertility and harmony.


Several interesting values ​​tattoo elephant came from Europe. Due to the fact that the process of pregnancy lasts 22 months, females, males are forced for a long time to abstain from sexual intercourse, which gives the tattoo with an elephant another value — fidelity and chastity


As you can see, a tattoo in the form of elephants carry only positive energy. Longevity, happiness, wisdom — all of which can be transmitted to the owner of the tattoo. Generally, this pattern is applied to the representatives of the male body, which is why the subject rather refers to male. Suitable such tattoo rather more adult men, emphasizing the combination of physical strength and wisdom. Regarding the size and location, this time I will refrain from the tips.

Looking sketches and photos of tattoo elephant, it is clear that it can look great both on hand and on the chest, shoulder, leg and other places to tattoo. I can only add that, in my opinion, it is best to portray a picture of most realistic, although maybe the fans symbolism and tribal tattoo would disagree. What do you think? Waiting for your answer in the comments!

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Designs and photos

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