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Half moon tattoo meanings

Tattoo with the image of the month can be found very often. And no wonder! For centuries, people believed in the magical properties of the moon, associating with it the important aspects of his life. For example, it was calculated when to plant certain plants or determined by the weather in the near future. This celestial body also has a direct impact on the Earth and its inhabitants — controls the tides , affects the emotional state of a person. Despite the fact that the symbol of the month associated with dark forces and energy, it is not negative.

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Every nation has its own culture and beliefs associated with the symbol of the month. It is worth noting some of them:

  • In ancient Greece and Egypt, the moon is a holy sign.
  • The image of the Virgin Mary with a sickle month in the Christian culture embodies the feminine image bringing light into darkness.

  • For the Byzantines the symbol associated with security.

  • The Crescent is also considered one of the most popular symbols of the Muslim religion.

  • Some peoples decorated men’s clothes, armor, as well as children’s toys depicting months.

  • The Indians appreciated the moon, even more than the sun.

Often the month is applied on the body image of a girl wanting to emphasize the mystery of nature, to create a mysterious image. The owners of these tattoos believe they luck, success, and at night their abilities and senses sharpened. Basically, these tattoos do on the hands, neck, chest, back and legs. Sami images can be varied:.. With a human face, the most realistic, stylized, as the heroes of famous cartoons, etc. The limitation can only be your imagination


Representatives of the stronger sex also make a tattoo with the month, but their tattoos more brutal and aggressive. Very often, men stuffed smiling wickedly month , which is sometimes even frightening.


If you close the moon and night themes, you can get acquainted with the meaning of this symbol in more detail, finding one that is fully consistent with your idea. Only by investing in a tattoo meaning month, you will become the proud owner of a beautiful image of the body. It is also important to find a good master, which will make the tattoo quality and interesting sketch.

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