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Iris tattoo meanings

Mankind since ancient times adorn your body with different patterns. Previously, they had a sacred significance. They were made to attract good luck and repel evil spirits. Now tattoos are applied most often from an aesthetic point of view. Yet, before you make a tattoo, it is necessary to know its value. For example, the value of iris tattoo has a rich semantic content.

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There is a legend according to which this flower was the first full-blown after the creation of the world. He conquered not only the beauty of animals and birds, but also wind and water. They gathered to look at the beautiful plant, and when the iris appeared withered and seeds, water and wind blew them all over the earth. If you want to look as dazzling, you should pay attention to the tattoo iris.

In Greek mythology, this plant is associated with feminine and the goddess of iridium . She was a guide for women’s souls to the underworld. Could move from darkness to people in the form of a rainbow, it was regarded as God’s messenger. Iris in translation and therefore means «rainbow»


According to the Christians, the iris — a symbol of purity. According to ancient legend, the angel Gabriel gave him the Virgin Mary. In England, the iris — the embodiment of dignity. He was placed in a personal stamp, and in France it is all part of the state seal. Traditional tattoos iris value: wisdom, courage, and faith.

It should also be noted that the symbolism of this flower can be changed depending on the color:

  • white iris — a sign of memory,
  • Purple — spirituality,
  • blue — eternity,
  • red — love and passion
  • .

The most common tattoo iris applied to women. On a beautiful girl’s skin, it looks graceful and elegant. It fits almost anywhere on the body. In view of the size of the tattoo might be on the shoulder, back, waist, wrist.

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Beauty and charm, self-esteem, self-sacrifice


The desire to bring good luck

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