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Knight tattoo meanings

We have already noted that in recent years the men tend to tattoos depicting various warriors. We talked about the Slavic soldiers, gladiators, and now, as it were, pathetic as it may sound, it’s time to knights!

Of course, some unexpected values ​​tattoo Knight difficult to imagine. Just like the aforementioned warriors, a knight is a symbol:

  • Courage;
  • Strength;
  • Valor.

The main significance of tattoos Knight — honor . In contrast to the barbarians, to become a knight could not everyone. In the UK, this status is still considered elitist. The Queen personally carries out a kind of rite of passage. This is another sign that the knight can only be the most worthy, who displayed his valor and courage, ready to fall in the battle for the state and the monarchy, a warrior.

Тату с рыцарем во всю спину

How best to represent tattoo knight?

Most people are attracted to kind of knight’s armor. They are difficult to confuse with something else. Fully enclosed metal plates covering all the warrior’s body, giving it a certain grandeur and mystery.

Another interesting fact — most of those who choose this subject for tattoos prefers black and white version . This can be explained by the fact that the armor itself have a gray color, in addition, the absence of bright colors gives a picture of the effect of historicism.

Where is the best stuff?

In itself, the knight image quite fit on the shoulder . It is this part of the body is the most common among those who choose to tattoo Knight. On the other hand, if you want to capture the moment of the battle, a spectacular picture of fights with multiple characters, your choice — back . Only this will allow the bulk of the body to convey the beauty and epic plot you selected.

Finally, as always, we present to you our collection of photos and sketches tattoo Knight!

Эскиз тату богатырб

Courage, honor, power


Honor, courage, will

Photos and designs

Татуировка с рыцарем Татуировка рыцарь Татуировка рыцарь на руке Татуировка рыцари на спине Тату с изображением рыцаря Тату с изображением рыцаря на руке Тату рыцарь на плече мужчины Тату рыцарь крестоносец Тату рыцарь во всю спину Тату рукав с рыцарем Тату крестоносец Тату в виде рыцаря Тату 3 рыцаря на спине Реалистичная татуирвока рыцарь Наколка с изображением рыцаря Наколка рыцарь на руке Наколка рыцарь на плече Красивая татуировка рыцаря Значение тату рыцарь Эскиз татуировки рыцарь Эскиз тату рыцарь ЧБ татуировка рыцарь Фото тату рыцарь Татуировка черный рыцарь

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