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Lily tattoo meanings

Besides the fact that lilies are one of the favorite female flowers (personally, I have not met the one who would be indifferent to them), they are often the target of women’s tattoos. You’ve probably already noticed that the tattoo with the image of colors, as a rule, are exactly the fairer sex. This is largely due to the value of tattoo royal lily.


Any color is primarily the embodiment of nature, the manifestation of her blossoming beauty. In various cultures, lilies attached special importance. In ancient Rome, this flower is depicted on coins as a symbol of hope. In some medieval myths can be found tales of elves living in the lilies. In ancient Egypt and Sumer civilization of these flowers represent fertility. According to Christian tradition, the lily symbolizes the Virgin Mary, and such features as integrity, humility and charity .

If you compile all of the above, the importance of tattoos lily — nobility, purity, beauty and innocence. Such tattoos are almost always look great on any part of the female body and carry positive energy. However, there is also something interesting for the fans fly in the ointment. In ancient times, the girls of easy virtue were image lily on her shoulder, and some have kept this association to this day. However, such a comparison in the XXI century sounds pretty far-fetched.

Let’s talk about the artistic part of a tattoo. Despite the lack of plot component, pictures of flowers is almost always complicated in execution, contains a large number of small parts, modulations of tones, shadows and other elements. It is no secret that there are different types of roses, each of which has its own color. Different colors are also attached to its added value in the tattoo. For example, pink lily is a symbol of tenderness, innocence and youth. Orange symbolizes originality, think outside the box. Yellow lily — pride, inaccessibility


Tattoos with flowers will look great anywhere on the body and can be displayed perfectly in different styles. And so you can appreciate all the variety of options we offer to evaluate several sketches and photo lily tattoo.

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