37 Maple Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Maple tattoo meanings

Itself is a mighty maple tree and rebellious, who fears neither cold nor storms. Therefore, a person who causes the image to it, thereby brings all the inherent properties of it. However, it should be noted that different peoples maple treated differently. Let’s take a closer look at what value can have a tattoo maple leaf.

A maple leaf in Asia has always been a symbol of love, and his image can be seen on the beds and a variety of things in the family. That is why today many lovers deal with it the same tattoos, to thereby confirm the fidelity and love for each other. Often Maple can be also seen on the art of the ancient Celts things: for them it is a symbol of resistance, strength and invincibility, and thus gave force to victories in both everyday life and in battle


The Slavs maple tree was considered sacred. In many legends that have come down to our days, you can find stories about how a person turns into a tree. Leaves symbolize the parting with dear and loved ones , but the Poles — Care of intimate life. Tattoos with maple can be found in the Canadian Forces: the maple leaf is a symbol of their country and national freedom


Artistic embodiment Tattoo

By itself, the maple leaf tattoo is sufficiently spectacular figure, which can be placed on any part of the body, and which can be applied by both men and women. Therefore, if the meaning of the image you want to convey to others is the same as above, pick a tattoo wedge leaf thumbnail and go to the master. However, we should not forget also that anyone can give tatuha its own value, and not always it will be the same as conventional.


Growth, development, restoration

тату пальма 1

Longevity, craving for the exotic

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Photos and designs

Татуировка-с-клиновыми-листями-на-руке Татуировка-лист-клена-на-предплечье Татуировка-лист-клена Татуировка-клиновый-лист-на-предплечье Татуировка-клиновый-лист-на-плече татуировка-клиновый-лист Татуировка-кленовый-лист-на-предплечье Татуировка-кленовый-лист-на-груди Татуировка-кленовые-листья-на-шее Татуировка-желтый-лист-клена Татуирвока-кленовый-лист-на-шее Рукав-из-кленовых-листьев Рисунок-клинового-листа нанесение-тату-с-кленом Наколка-клиновый-лист Листья-клена-на-руке Лист-клена Красный-лист-клена Контур-клинового-листа Кленовый-лист Кельтская-татуировка-лист-клена Картинка-клиновый-лист Идея-для-тату-с-клиновым-листом Желтые-листья-клена Варианты-рукава-с-клиновым-листом Эскиз-тату-кленовый-лист Тату-с-листями Тату-лист-клена-на-запястье Тату-лист-клена-и-клевера Тату-лист-клена Тату-кленовый-лист-на-шее-сзади Тату-кленовый-лист-на-ноге Тату-кленовый-лист-на-ключице Тату-канадский-лист-на-пояснице Татуировки-с-лкеновыми-листями-на-руке

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