42 Money Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Money tattoos

Tattoo money is favoring symbol. It is generally believed that it helps its wearer to improve the well-being and increase cash flow. It is believed that after the application of the figure he starts to draw in human life the right people who can help to achieve prosperity: you only have to look around and try not to miss their chance


This will be relevant for a tattooed man who expects to achieve rapid progress on the career ladder, rich, famous.

How does such tattoos?

Ironically, tattoo for money is really able to attract wealth , and this is understandable logic. The fact that a person who has decided to apply a similar image has a firm intention to get rich, sure of it, and is ready to announce it to all others.

tattoo is constantly on the mind, and in this case, starts the so-called visualization process, which makes keeping in mind the ultimate goal of all the action and all the time to do things in the search for new solutions to achieve it. And the more he succeeds, the more sure of their well-being a person begins to feel.

Types of tattoos with money

Tattoo money can be made in a variety of styles. It can be depicted as modern money — dollars, rubles or any denomination, and ancient coins, both individually and lying in bags or chests of jewels. It all depends on the taste preferences of the person and the meaning that it plans to invest in their tattoos.

Such images are better applied to the body parts that are visible. In this case, the dream visualization process can work much more efficiently. Tattoo for money suited for both men and women who have decided to achieve in your life the highest financial and career heights.

тату свеча 30

A ray of hope, a guiding light

тату зонт 30

Protection against adversity

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Photos and designs

Тату-монета-с-пирамидой Татуировки-с-деньгами Татуировка-с-изображениями-денег Татуировка-с-деньгами Татуировка-знак-доллара Татуировка-деньги-на-запястье Татуировка-банкнота-на-руке Тату-знака-доллара Тату-деньги-на-кулаке Тату-деньги Тату-банкнота Тату-100-баксов Рукав-с-изображениями-денег Мешочек-денег Купюра-на-руке Купюра-на-кисти-руки Иероглиф-деньги Эскиз-тату-доллар Тату-со-свернутыми-купюрами Тату-с-купюрой-на-спине тату-с-купюрами-на-боку Тату-с-деньгиами-на-плече Тату-с-горящими-купюрами тату-с-банкнотами-на-спине Тату-роза-в-виде-купюр Тату-приносящая-деньги Тату-пачка-купюр Тату-пачка-долларов Тату-монетка-на-запястье

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