38 Paw Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Paw tattoo meanings

Paws animal — quite a simple version of the tattoo. Tattoo paws to carry both men and women. The only difference is, whose foot is shown in Fig. Women choose small cat tracks, while men prefer larger animals paw. Traces of a cat looks playfully sexy and unobtrusively.

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Meaning tattoo marks will consider on the basis of how predators they belong to:

  • Tattoo bear footprint symbolizes strength and power . Often applied together with traces of animal claws. Many peoples connect bear with mysticism. Also, it is a sign of wisdom and generosity.

  • tattoo wolf trail symbolizes loneliness. Wolf is also associated with fidelity, devotion, ability to adapt. Men with a tattoo for a long time choosing a companion, but chose to remain faithful to her always.

  • Tattoo tiger paw means strength and courage. Drawing can be a success and a symbol.

  • Cat traces symbolize confidence, strength, and independence. This may be one or more fingerprints, as well as the whole track. To place can be on any part of the body.

Tattoos wolf paw is very common in men who know their value and are looking for a decent pair. Often they doom themselves to be alone.

Bear Paw Tattoos can be applied to any part of the body, most importantly, to be used and other elements. The choice of color is limited to black or brown. The bright colors of the tattoo marks of paws look too favorably.

For the most part, these tattoos do not carry a strong meaning, therefore, rethink their own values ​​and ideas, it is not necessary to alter due to non-compliance. To make the picture does not become blurred with time, animal prints should not be made very small. Paws easiest to convert to another tattoo, if they are bored.

Photos and designs

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