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Pig tattoo meanings

Pig Image tattooing does not belong to the category of popular. Pig — mixed animal. Different religions are different attitudes to this beast. In Buddhism, the pig is considered a sacred animal, whereas in Islam — dirty and vicious. Boar symbolizes the opposite thing: greed and prosperity, anger and passion.

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Pigs tattoos are divided into two types:

  • The first type — pretty hilarious creation, mostly pink, which causes tenderness and evidence of dreamy nature of its owner, a cheerful nature, the lack of fear of appearing ridiculous in the eyes of others, a sense of humor. Little pink tatuha amuse others. Free attitude to life, optimism and life on the positive — the distinctive characteristics of the owner of the tattoo
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  • The second type — too evil and frightening image of a wild boar, often with traces of blood, reflects the determination of its owner, aggressiveness, some anger at the world
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    The value of the tattoo depends on whether you are using the image of the domestic pig and wild boar. Domestic pig is considered a symbol of wealth, fertility, prosperity, but an animal endowed and negative characteristics such as anger, greed, lust. Wild boar symbolizes the aggression, endurance, loyalty to the family .

    In China, do not share the animals wild and domestic. Therefore, the same tattoo can be treated differently. Domestic pig is associated with sacrifice and humility, while the boar symbolizes courage. Stuffing tattoo boar, a man shows his courage, courage, wisdom, cunning and agility, which are peculiar beast.

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    Photos and designs

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