33 Rainbow Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Rainbow tattoo meanings

Rainbow — one of the most fascinating natural phenomena, which is distinguished not only for its beauty but also fragility. Despite the fact that the iridescent colors specified in order, their locations in tattoos may vary.

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Tattoo rainbow have several meanings, among which worth mentioning are the most popular:

  1. In the Nordic countries once thought that it was over the rainbow killed in combat soldiers ascended to heaven, where took on eternal life.

  2. In Irish folklore, a legend of the leprechaun who hid his treasure in the end of the rainbow.

  3. Another significance of tattoos — the pursuit of friendship, joy, happiness, and a great love for life
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  5. To date, bright tattoos have become one of the attributes of people with different sexual orientation.

It is often combined with rainbow tattoo various philosophical expressions, colors, interesting, geometric figures and projections. It should be noted that the rainbow looks advantageous both individually and together with other elements.

If you are a a positive and cheerful person , the original drawing with rainbow elements will not only be a great decoration, but also complement your perfect body!


The awakening, energy, power

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Решимость, мудрость

Photos and designs

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