Sailing Ship Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Sailing ship tattoo meanings

The image of the ship or any part of the body was originally adorned sailors. It is the symbol danger and adventure , a distinctive sign of belonging to one of the oldest professions, to this brotherhood of harsh men. Since it was believed that a woman on board — to trouble, sailboats decorate the bodies of men only


For a long time sailors reflect on their body all milestones travel. For a long time sailing adorned body of only those seafarers who rounded Cape Horn . This site is a sea route is considered the most dangerous, because in the narrow Strait of strong winds blow constantly raging waves. Fully in this area proud of many, as the death toll in the thousands. Tattoo sailors had another meaning. In the case of the death of a sailor on a tattoo can be determined that it belongs to the fraternity and buried in accordance with tradition.

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Now the ship image is reflected not only in the bodies of the sailors.

The value of the tattoo sailboat depends on what type of ship is shown.

The main types of ships and their symbolism

  1. Sailboat with scarlet sails symbolizes the expectation and belief in a bright future. The probability that after tattooing people radically change their lives, great.

  2. The yacht with sails inflated symbolizes prosperity way of life, in an effort to help a person to make a difference.

  3. Beautiful raised sails indicate dreaminess owner of the tattoo and its impermanence.

  4. The power of the ship shows a raster.

  5. A pirate ship symbolizes the propensity to adventures and no obligations to anyone.


Tattoo sailboat is a harmonious complement the image of man, prone to constant change places. The ship symbolizes the pursuit of excellence. Sailboat can be applied to any part of the body, but in the upper body image looks better. It may be monochrome or color. Since it is predominantly men’s tattoos, drawing a fairly large size and abundance of different elements. You can find a variety of tattoo designs sailboats, some of which can be seen in our selection at the end of the article.

Such tattoos present in the prison symbols. For prisoners sailboat means hope for a speedy release, in extreme cases — to escape. Women in prison can do tattoo girl, wrapped chains on the beach, which looks to trace outgoing sailboat. It means one thing — parting with freedom.

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Responsibility, commitment

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The desire to change the situation, self-determination

Photos and designs

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