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Salamander tattoo meanings

It seems that no creature in the world has acquired myths to the same extent as the fire salamander. According to ancient scholars, this amphibian feels great where there is fire, and can even live in the crater of the volcano. In fact, to see a salamander in the fire of luck is not for everyone, although in theory it really is resistant to flame. Lizard inhabits both in Africa and in the legendary Carpathian Mountains.

The salamander in different cultures

The alchemists, trying to find the philosopher’s stone, saw him literally everywhere. I was no exception and the salamander. In their view, amphibian, has a unique poisonous breath, able to maintain the desired temperature during the mysterious procedure. That is why the salamander is often painted in red.

The interest in the lizard did not die either in the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. In medieval emblems salamander has lost some of its infernal way, and became a symbol of «fire» struggle between good and evil. In heraldry, the countries of Western Europe is a wonderful beautiful amphibian designated the courage, fortitude and courage. Coat with salamander proudly worn by noble families.

A very interesting interpretation of the image of the salamander in Christianity. Honoring asexually and symbolizing the humility and chastity , amphibian was almost a sacred being. Given its resistance to fire, it is the opinion of theologians, is an example of how the Christian should fight the diabolical obsession and temptation.

In contemporary culture the value of the salamander tattoo: courage, pride and leadership . Most often tattoo with the image of this amphibian choose passionate and strong personalities — one who considers himself a leader is not deprived of healthy ambition. Considering that the amphibious acts in the dark, it is not surprising that over time it has become to symbolize opposition to the conflict: the permanence and windy, dashing confidence and serene calm


The salamander is revered as the spirit of fire. The most common is represented by a small wingless dragon, surrounded by tongues of raging flames. Tattoo salamander equally loved by both sexes. The girls prefer to wear a tattoo that mythical amphibians on the inner side of the arm, the man — on his shoulders and chest.

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Photos and designs

Фото татуировки саламандра Фото тату саламандра Татуировка саламандра Татуировка саламандра на щиколотке Тату чб саламандра Тату саламандра под глазом Тату саламандра на щиколотке Тату саламандра на лопатке Тату саламандра за ухом Тату саламандра внизу живота Тату красная саламандра Тату зеленая саламандра Саламандра во всю спину Значение тату саламандра Эскиз татуировки саламандра Эскиз тату саламандры Эскиз тату саламандра

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