24 Saturn Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Saturn tattoo meanings

By choosing a tattoo should be approached with great care and attention, especially if you believe that it is able to radically change lives. Images associated with planets, since ancient times are magical significance. Cults of Saturn can be traced to the ancient East to China, Tibet, India.

There are two main areas of Saturn symbolism.

  1. In ancient Roman mythology, there was a god of agriculture and fertility Saturn. The time of his reign was considered the golden age, because it taught people to cultivate the land and grow crops, build houses. At that time there was no slavery and war, people lived happily and contentedly. More recently, it compared with Kronos, the leader of the Titans, devouring his children, and they ceased to worship. Tattoo Saturn may indicate a connection with nature, farming, hard work, ability to work with their own hands. The symbol of Saturn served agricultural sickle. The most widespread cult was in Italy.

  2. The planet Saturn is named after the Roman god. It has an astrological significance, influence the signs of the zodiac. Tattoo Saturn can make people born under this sign. Saturn has an impact on physical form, so is ideal for a tattoo. Saturn has a contradictory meaning, it is unfavorable for the material and gives the spirituality and wisdom. It symbolizes aging and gives patience, resistance to impact life, prudence, love of order, rationality.

Sketches tattoo of Saturn show how nice it will look in a colorful design and strictly in black version. Suitable image for men and women, but is more often used the stronger sex. To illustrate appropriate any part of the body.

Photos and designs


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