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Scandinavian runes in tattoos

The tattoo is not just a beautiful decoration of the body, but also a kind of business card holder. For a long time, some tattoos were eligible to apply only to members of certain professions. A separate role play image, endowed with a profound sense of the sacred, a kind of amulets. This tattoo with ancient characters, most of which have Nordic roots.

The Scandinavian tattoos are divided into two types:

  • The first type — the magical weave and patterns which are based on 24 Runes
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  • The second type — images of animals and gods of Scandinavian mythology in strict compliance Scandinavians.
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    Tattoos Scandinavian runes are quite complex to understand and have a deep sense of the sacred. It was believed that the rune can change the fate of a person . A wrong picture might cause the death of the owner. Scandinavian runes are the most ancient. Their decoding engaged in a large number of scientists, however, there is no single treatment.

    Scandinavian runes and their meanings

    The runes endowed with positive and negative energy. Those that symbolize destruction, aggression, determination, should not be used for direct application to the body. It can be divided into six magical symbols, which are designed to help a person in carrying out his plans to create a protection from enemies, help develop capacity.

    1. Lagu — designed to improve vitality, develop intuitive abilities
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    3. Ur — a sign of change. Brings to life the new circumstances of the owner, helps to maintain health at a good level.

    4. Thorn — symbolizes new beginnings. According to experts on esoteric symbol brings good luck, protection from enemies, neutralize the negative impact of opponents helps in love magic.

    5. Ken — a sign of healing. Brings physical health, love, stability in relationships, protects values.

    6. Jera — helps implement plans
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    8. Man — is used to get help from others, for the development of mental abilities
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    a tattoo in the form of Scandinavian runes applied to men and women, regardless of profession, interests and status in society. Advantageously, the characters are drawn black or dark gray. Bright colors are not accepted to use in the Scandinavian tattoo. Runes themselves are small, so they are applied to the wrist, foot, on the back of the neck, shoulder and upper arm. As part of the composition can be seen on the back of the options. Also runes applied intricate weave and patterns.

    The value of the Scandinavian tattoo cause some controversy. Initially rune can bring the owner a success and contribute to overcome any situation, but luck can not be eternal. Many experts advise not to use the runes in permanent tattoos because over time their impact is becoming more and more, and it turns out that people do not live their lives. If you do not stop, the following offers a huge collection of photos of Scandinavian tattoos.

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    Photos and designs

    тату скандинавские руны 5тату скандинавские руны 6тату скандинавские руны 7тату скандинавские руны 8тату скандинавские руны 9тату скандинавские руны 10тату скандинавские руны 11тату скандинавские руны 12тату скандинавские руны 13тату скандинавские руны 14тату скандинавские руны 15тату скандинавские руны 16тату скандинавские руны 17тату скандинавские руны 18тату скандинавские руны 19тату скандинавские руны 20тату скандинавские руны 21тату скандинавские руны 22тату скандинавские руны 23тату скандинавские руны 24тату скандинавские руны 25тату скандинавские руны 26тату скандинавские руны 27тату скандинавские руны 28тату скандинавские руны 29

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