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Scarab tattoo meanings

Tattoo — this is not the only pattern on the body for life. Depending on the selected image, it can change a person’s life. Natelnye figures have been popular since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians left on the body image of a scarab beetle in order to be reborn to a new life after death.

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Scarab in history

Scarab — a kind of dung beetles that live mostly on sandy areas. One of the species, the sacred scarab to be found in Egypt. It became sacred it is no accident. The ancient Egyptians observed that the beetles lay their larvae in a smooth ball, which is formed by rolling, and then buried in the ground and at the appropriate time rolled to the water to there offspring appeared. The main thing is that the direction of movement of the Sun at the same time reiterates the way — from east to west, is shaped like it. Therefore, this insect was identified with the Sun, a new life and become a sacred symbol. God Khepera depicted with the head in the form of a beetle.

According to Egyptian ideas, this insect is born out of the desert sands, and unlike other small living creatures that emerge from the waters of the Nile. Mascots as it is still very popular in Egypt.


Earlier scarab tattoo was popular among the priests or rulers, so that they can be reborn into a new life. Now it can depict any. Sketch of tattoo scarab beetle may simply be in the form of an insect, or a classical Egyptian amulet. For those who are not familiar with the ancient culture of this hot country, such a seal on the body seem unpleasant.

The value of the scarab tattoo is actually very profound. As a sign of the sun it gives him energy and helps its owner to achieve more. It symbolizes the revival of spirituality. To truly believe in its power, the sacred beetle will be a strong talisman.

According to the eastern people, tattoo scarab beetle as a talisman is as follows:

  • Helps to work, improve the financial situation;
  • Provides a therapeutic effect in infertility;
  • Enhances sexual potency in men;
  • Keeps youth;
  • Gives happiness and good fortune;
  • Protects from magical effects, slander and evil eye.

This tattoo will approach the spiritual people, persistent striving to achieve results in any field. It connects people with the world beyond the grave, symbolizing the immortality of the soul, rebirth.

If you do not know what place is best suited for such tattoos, the tattoo look photo scarab beetle. Small tattoos can be placed on the neck, behind the ear, on the arm. Large-scale paintings look great on the back. For the image fit any place, commensurate with the size of the picture.

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Татуировка пчела за ухом

Hardworking, thrifty, hard work

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Photos and designs

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