Scolopendra Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Scolopendra tattoo meaning

Centipede belongs to the order of centipedes that live in warmer climates. Giant birds reach a length of 26 cm. Millipedes attacking birds, frogs, lizards. Some species are poisonous, and their bite is dangerous to humans, but as a rule, all the costs of non-fatal. There is swelling at the site of the bite and the pain. Most often, the symptoms disappear after a few days.

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Centipede can be found in literature, where it is considered symbol of absolute evil and disgusting creature. It is believed that the human soul after death dwell in this insect to inspect your home.

The tattoos millipede is used infrequently. Meaning tattoo centipede is as follows: I can if that hurt, but not mortally; with me it is dangerous to deal with.

Tattoos insects cause many disgusted, and this factor should be considered when choosing a design. Sizes tattoos can be very different. A small tattoo successfully looks on wrist, while a large image can be applied to the forearm or hand completely. Tattoos with centipede cause both men and women. Picture looks good, and monochrome and color.


Elan, elusiveness, speed

тату муравей 30

Hard work, diligence, endurance

Photos and designs

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