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Scorpion tattoo meanings

Scorpion Tattoo attracts double-digit symbolism and mystery. Our article and wonderful photos with thumbnails to help choose the right size, style and color underwear pictures.

The ancients regarded with fear and respect for the dangerous insects, through its poison killed and treated for diseases, warriors terrified enemies. In the legends of scorpions were bodyguards of Isis (goddess of fertility and motherhood), helped Selket (patroness of the dead). In many nations, the insect was sacred, his image was applied to a melee weapon and was used as a talisman against evil spirits.

  • Scorpio — a symbol of doctors. Young mothers prayed to the goddess Isis, so she reduced the pain of women in childbirth, to protect infants against disease. Insect embodied maternal sacrifice. Noticing that the predator poison can paralyze a limb, we began to use it in surgery. Chinese doctors treated poison festering wounds, used as a painkiller. In Tibet arthropod animal was considered a symbol of health.

  • Warriors applied to the body of a scorpion tattoo to be as strong, persistent, clever, discreet, decisive. He was n okrovitelem brave and courageous individuals , a symbol of militancy, lethality and vindictiveness. Insect valued for justice, because it can kill and bring back to life, if the person deserved recovery. The peoples of the North American predator was a judge in the next world, deciding what punishment should be held after the death of a person. In Egyptian mythology, he guarded the peace of the dead. It symbolized with courage. The ancients believed that the onset of autumn due to the poisonous predator. Every year, he managed to bite the sun, then it hurt and badly warmed earth. In the army tattoo scorpion indicates a person who served in the Army and fought in the Caucasus. Picture raised and open claws and tail — the soldiers involved in the fighting, with closed — just served. He fought in the hot spots, packed with an eye pattern, often seen near the image of the blood group. Basically military tattoo is applied to the left shoulder, but there on the shoulder and chest.

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  • Scorpio was a messenger of death, and a supporter of the dark forces. It is believed that Artemis had created this poisonous insect, with the help of its sting to kill the giant Orion. Since then, it has become to symbolize the pain, hate, death, jealousy, betrayal. Often portrayed in the medieval paintings to heighten the negative human qualities. In Christianity, it symbolized the devil. At the prison picture poisonous creatures means loneliness (man spent more than a year in solitary confinement) or the offender can be dangerous for the society. If insect pincers are raised up, the person is interested in drugs, down — no longer accepts
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  • scorpion tattoo — talisman from diseases and negative energy. In Tibet applied insect image on swords and knives to protect themselves in battle and win. Seven individuals protected by the goddess Isis evil god Seth. In Samara legend, man-scorpion guarded sunrise, a symbol of joy and enlightenment. In Babylon-like creature depicted with an arrow stretched at the entrance to the house. The skeleton of an insect strong enough and powerful, because symbolizes the defense and protection.

  • underwear picture of a scorpion in Japan, embodies the love, wisdom, fidelity, conjugal fidelity, especially if insect depict the lotus. In China, he was considered a symbol of justice and morality. However, some individuals cause an image in honor of any event: a reminder of unrequited love, betrayal best friend, or after vengeance. Often a sign of the scorpion represents increased sexuality and jealousy.


Underwear picture is often performed in a black or gray (striped) color, sometimes added a second pigment (often brown or red) in the tabs area, claw or tail. Drawings can be small or the entire back. It looks good in the tribal style, as well as Celtic, Polynesian, abstract. Insect looks interesting image that consists of many geometric shapes. Body pictures fascinate and impress if they put in a realistic style, when the master draws each element. It is possible to focus on one detail: claws, the tail, the tip


If you draw an insect with his feet above his head, using bright colors, the image will symbolize agility, courage, commitment. Solid figures closed and straight claws, rounded tip of the tail — justice, peace, balance. If the claws of a small size, and the sting of impressive magnitude, so the insect represents the power, determination, anticipation of victory. Individuals with large claws, but little tails — is no threat. When a scorpion tattoo on his shoulder, but the tail is extended to the neck, then the person is balanced and calm, until it is touched. Red or orange tint underwear pictures indicate the owner of aggressiveness.


Great value depends on the location of a scorpion tattoo. At the foot is better to use the image of the insect in protecting position. Here, a picture indicates the strength and power of the owner. Persons with extreme and extraordinary nature of the pattern is applied to the neck with open claws, beautifully looked at the girl behind the ear. Scorpio on the chest symbolizes strength and courage , so it is better to use thumbnails in an attacking way. Interestingly looks tattoo scorpion king: thin and black or gray body, long pointed feet, brown tint in the tail area or sting


Interestingly looks scorpion when paws catches and tightens the skin. The image will be more belligerent and threatening when combined with a long sword sticking out of the body. Men had better pay attention to the bright and lifelike pictures with many fine details. Attract attention and monotonous story, when portrayed habitat insects with rocks, sand and cactus, hills and month. Such a tattoo of a scorpion looked good on the side, back, upper arm, and the arm, leg, or shoulder blade can be drawn insect imprint left on the stone or sand.

For girls breeches picture scorpion means independence and seriousness in the relationship. It is advisable to stay in the black shade and smooth lines, not focusing on the massiveness and insect detail. It is interesting to look cute and drawings in a cartoon style, where a terrible poisonous animal gets a nice a lady with lips, eyes and eyelashes. The outline of a scorpion can be represented in the form of blue drops of rain or dew, hide it in the bud roses planted near stone or water. The picture will attract attention, if you combine it with hieroglyphics, ribbons with inscriptions. Optionally, apply a complete animal, if a girl was born in the month of Scorpio, enough to fill zodiac sign. The tattoo will look good on your arm, leg to the ankle or foot, to brush his shoulder. Underwear picture on the abdomen, bikini line, or waist will give the image of femininity, sexuality, sophistication, will focus on the plasticity of the body. Sketches drawing desirable to choose carefully to highlight the inner strength and not look too manly.

scorpion tattoo emphasize the individuality, hidden features, strong character. At first glance harmless and small insects are able to combat the spot of the giant. This image — a sign of a strong and bold personality. The picture will give the holder the strongest energy.

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Love, kindness, faith in a better

Photos and designs

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Под конец, по традиции, немного треша. Перед вами один из примеров «партачной» татуировки с изображением скорпиона. Друзья, не скупитесь, когда дело касается татуировки!

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