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Skeleton tattoo meanings

For most people, the skeleton tattoo is seen on the negative side and is associated with the other world and human death. Many of the pictures you can see the perplexity of the soul, which has not found a place in this world. This pattern often strikes fear in others. However, people who have decided to put a tattoo on the arm of the skeleton, or in any other place, it is meant by an entirely different meaning. For them, this image symbolizes life as a process which over time will still have to stop, regardless of the circumstances. Many such picture arouses curiosity and encourages to make unusual for human behavior.

The value of the skeleton tattoos can also be seen in terms of eternal life and its great value . This can also be tattooed to resemble its owner that each moment you need to live here and now, do not look at the mistakes of the past or to think about a possible future. In any case, it is not necessary to postpone important things at the last minute, and perform all at once and try to be something useful for other people.

At all times people applied to image the body is not only the image of a human skeleton. Very popular tattoos have always been a skeleton fish, and animals like:

  • dog;
  • lizard;
  • cats.

The preferred color for such tattoos is black. Image may contain other colors, which are painted with small elements. For example, red may be isolated heart.
To date, the skeleton tattoos fashionable to perform in the most realistic 3-D format, which simulates the human body structure. The picture drawn bone almost in its full size. As a tattoo artist creates the effect of a previous human skin. Such images can be seen not only on the back or arm, but also on the face.

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Intimidation, death, chaos

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The history of the human tattooed in the world

Photos and designs

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