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Stingray tattoo meanings

One of the most famous inhabitants of the watery world, which are used in underwear painting, tattoo is a ramp. Fish endowed with interesting characteristics. inhabitants of the deep is able to change color, adapting to the environment. Rays are able to survive at a depth of 3000 m individual species have specific weapons -. A special body which is capable of producing electrical discharges. With this weapon sea dweller uses only in case of danger. The rest of the time — it’s quiet, the fish, which does not attack first.

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Skat is often used in tattoos. According to art lovers underwear painting tattoo slope value is as follows. This quest for freedom and independence , serenity and balance, which in the case of threats to escalate into aggression and danger, ability to quickly adapt to the environment and survive in any condition.

Tattoo ramp choose for themselves, and men and women. It is believed that sea dweller is able to become its owner a kind of amulet and talisman. Tattoos, most often carried out in Polynesian style or realism. It depends on the choice of color and the presence of additional components.

The Polynesian tattoo ramp is considered one of the most commonly used scenes. Tattooing is composed of different patterns and elements which generally resemble slope. Tattoo, often, executed in black. The upper part serves as an amulet to attract good luck. In the center is a hibiscus, or any other character that suits a particular person. The tail of the fish serves as a kind of weapon that can detect and take trouble from the owner of the tattoo. The most interesting and stylish looks ramp tattoo on the back.

The slope can be performed in the style of realism. In this situation, the colored inks are used. The composition is complemented by turtles, fish and other inhabitants of the sea.


The tranquility, peace of mind

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Commitment to goals

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