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Swastika tattoo meanings

It is a mistake to believe that the swastika tattoo carries a negative connotation. It is an ancient Slavic symbol that bears only a positive mood. It was borrowed from Nazi Germany propaganda intentions during the Great Patriotic War.
In ancient times, people meant by a swastika movement of the sun in the sky. The chip depicted in various embodiments. Each version carried a deep meaning and was separate from the rest of the image value. Figure can be seen on the banners, Slavic clothing, weapons, spinning wheels, and other products. It is often used for decoration of architectural structures, so that he would bring the owner good luck only.

The Slavic peoples are often scrambled in its symbolism natural and cosmic processes . This also was reflected in the art of applying the wearable designs. The value of the swastika tattoo could be defined as the natural cycle of things in the physical and spiritual world. These include:

  • the alternation of the seasons;
  • day and night;
  • tides;
  • the birth of man and his death.

Our ancestors perceived time and all life in the universe, like cycles change , which are closely related to each other. This is to go to the foundation of the swastika tattoo designs.

The standard image of the symbol is performed in the form of a cross with curved ends, which follow each other in a clockwise direction. The amount of these ends may be different. People who wish to fill their tattoos on the body of the Slavic swastika, mainly lay in the picture, such as the images:

  1. kindness;
  2. life;
  3. sun;
  4. happiness;
  5. health.

When choosing a tattoo swastikas certain type initially check its true meaning. Swastika Images can be similar to each other, but they have a completely different meaning. The customer must know exactly what value will bear his image. After all, this figure would stay with him until the end of life and will say that the person has a direct relation to the Slavic culture. Before you fill this symbol is worth to think about the size and color performance. Tattoos can be supplemented with a swastika other Slavic characters that give the image a more aesthetic appearance.

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