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Tear eye tattoo meanings

Tattoos in the form of small tears eye — not such a harmless thing, as it seems at first. Tear is located on the left or right side. It seems that people are constantly crying. The image symbolizes the experience of past years . Most often, this tattoo is associated with prison life.

Tattoo Homeland — South America. Initially it was thought that a tear tattoo under his eye applied to the skin the person who committed the murder, and the bigger the tattoo, the more people become victims. In some places, it is believed that the murder was committed in prison. Many used tear as a warning to others that man is able to stand up for himself, and at any cost.

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The second meaning of the tattoo tear is that while the prisoner was behind bars, one of his relatives or friends died, and with the help of tattoo transmitted grief and lack of opportunity to say goodbye to the deceased. This means that in prison you can not cry, and all the emotions expressed by means of a tattoo.

In Australia, teardrop tattoo under his eye has a completely different meaning. It is considered a sign that a person is arrested for corruption of minors. This tattoo is applied to the prisoner by force. As a result, it becomes clear to others, for which article convicted person and the result is abuse of the owner of the tattoo, permanent bodily injury. The tattoo symbolizes the offender tears. Even after his release, the attitude of those people does not change.


Values ​​teardrop tattoo under his eye in the world a great variety. If you move away from the prison symbols such tattoo symbolizes the bitterness of bereavement , in whose memory and applied tear. This is a demonstration that the owner of the tattoo will mourn for the dead is and he will not depart to the other world. Many stars tattoo artists to show others their experiences and losses.

The interest in this story show, and representatives of many modern subcultures. Tattoo tear eye means sentimental, pathos, the pain of loss.

Teardrop usually drawn only in black. It can only be colored contour. Whatever the value of the teardrop tattoo in each case, the meaning is to ensure that the person has committed an action, which is now deeply regrets, but turn back time is not possible.

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