32 Tomtit Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Thinking about a tattoo, a person wants not only to choose an image with a close semantic load, but also wants to get unique, reflecting the individuality image. The blue titmouse belongs to such images.

The titmouse tattoo is interesting because it combines several meanings.

The image on the body of any birds speaks about freedom, the desire to soar and not to be limited to any framework, lightness. The feathers always cause a sense of respect, because they are able to fly wherever they want.

The image of a bird in flight speaks of dreaminess, spiritual freedom and strength. Such tattoo speaks about the elements of an air, which gives vitality, reflecting beauty and swiftness.

The choice of tattoo in the form of tits symbolizes an easy and optimistic attitude to life. If you observe her behavior in nature, you can see how she is cheerful, knows how to adapt and survive in any conditions, content with a minimum.

The tits tattoo can carry individual value for a person, be his amulet and talisman.


The advantage of tit is her versatility, small feathered size. It fits any gender and age. Can be portrayed colorfully and realistically or used in a fantasy version, easily fits into the general plot of the composite tattoo without changing its meaning. It is often used in conjunction with the inscriptions.

The image is suitable for people who have the following qualities:

  • cheerfulness;
  • optimism;
  • love of traveling, flying, moving;
  • avoiding problems, waiting until everything is resolved by itself;
  • Ability to rejoice in small things;
  • Playfulness;
  • independence;
  • the ability not to lose heart in any situation, keeping faith in the best.

The image of the tit is not found in the tattoo as often as other birds (swallows, owls), so it will be unique and unforgettable.

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