59 Treble Clef Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Treble clef tattoo meanings

The significance is not necessary to reflect the treble clef tattoo for a long time. Do not even versed in the art of underwear painting people see in this figure the association with music. You’ve probably seen a Man or Woman with a small tattoo of a treble clef on a finger or an ear. So, it turns out, these people — musicians? Let’s find out.

To get a really informative article, let us have recourse to the music directory and find out what is the treble clef. Keys in music denote the value of pitch notes. Unclear? Well, in the deeper details will not go away. We were rather important to know that there are several keys in music: salt, F and up. Each of them is suitable for a particular group of instruments, defining the sound of music.

The same treble clef refers to a salt group. In appearance it resembles the Latin letter G, which just indicates the note «G» in music. With the treble clef notes are for instruments such as violin, guitar, drums, horns, and others. This is the most popular and most common musical key.

Well, obviously, for the musician treble clef tattoo can mean passion to one of these musical instruments. What this tattoo can symbolize a normal person? It’s simple. Meaning tattoo treble clef — a love of music and art . Yes, there is no mystery here. Many people see music as something more than just a set of sounds.

This is a way of self-expression, the best companion and a place to get away to think. It feeds the energy, uplifting, makes the body move. In short, many admire her so much that it is expressed in the form of a treble clef tattoo.

This tattoo is suitable for any person, regardless of gender, age and occupation. It will always be correctly understood and approved. Most often you can find a small image of a treble clef on the finger, behind the ear, on his ankle. However, looking at photos of tattoos, you will find a lot of interesting options for placing a pattern on the body. At some point you have stuffed yourself treble clef? Write in the comments!

тату ноты 1

Music, Creativity

тату число 13 30
13 number


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