44 Violin Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Violin tattoo meanings

The perpetuation of musical instruments is very popular among people who belong to the world of music — composers, musicians or just students with an excellent ear for music. Violin strings are often correlated with the strings of the human soul. The sound of a musical instrument transmits vulnerability soul, sensibility, romance, tragic fate.

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Many violin tattoo done in the style of steam-art. Stringed musical instrument is preferably selected women. Meaning tattoo violin is to show fragility, grace, vulnerability maiden soul. Small tattoos look stylish on the wrist, large — on the forearm. The violin is often depicted with a bow, flowers or notes. Musical instrument may be part of the composition, and portrayed in a human hands, as if he were playing the violin.

The violin found in criminal tattoos. It applied to homosexuals. Girls with tattoos are considered a weak-willed. Most of these tattoos are a prostitute.

How to invest meaning in a tattoo — a private matter. Every year the border in the treatment of tattoos and belonging to certain groups are erased, so fewer people think about the values ​​of prison tattoos — do not take them seriously!

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Passion to music

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Musicality, emotional depth, harmony

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Photos and designs

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