What Body Part Should You Tattoo? Rating

How to choose a body part for a tattoo?

Visitors of tattoo studios are determined with a place for tattoos even earlier than with the design and color. However, if you are already sure WHAT to do, but do not sute, WHERE, there is a clear set of criteria and details that can bring the solution. Where does it hurt to do a tattoo and how to determine the perfect area? Me explain.

The first step is to determine the meaning of your future tattoo. And here the most important of all is what kind of sense are you putting in it. Then, answer the question: Do you want to show the tattoo to others. Body parts are divided into opened — those, that is hard to hide, and closed — those that are visible only when you want it.

For example, tattoo on face will always attract attention, and, most likely negative. Similar experiments are inherent in an extraordinary, extravagant people who are willing to challenge society and are not afraid of the reaction of others.

There are also variants of the border, such as the neck or the lower leg. In this case, the tattoo will peek out from under the garment, which often generates interest. Conservative places for tattoos are considered to be the chest, abdomen, shoulders, back and feet.

Many fans of the art of painting underwear do not agree and ignore such a property as a tattoo practicality, though, in my opinion, for the majority of this is extremely important. Unfortunately, we live in a world of stereotypes as a tattoo or piercing can cause problems at work or in the family. Therefore, before you apply the image to the open part of the body, make sure that it will not create unnecessary obstacles for you.

The second important criterion, especially for girls, tattoos are painful process. More about this can be found in the article Do tattoos hurt?, and now say that the most painful places for tattoos can be considered the face, ribs, the area behind the ear, stomach and some of the back. In general, this time is different, and the degree of pain perception each person has their own.

The most important parameter I consider aesthetics. The story you are going to move on the body should ideally look at the body. It is worth taking into account all: size, color, shape, and various effects.
In this section, we estimate places for tattoos on the three most important from our point of view criteria. We bring to your attention the final table with the results. Already selected the place? Write, what place have decided to do a tattoo!

NECK1/108/105/10Фото тату на шее
CHEST3/1010/1010/10Тату китайский дракон на правой груди
FOREARM1/106/105/10Татуировка лицо на предплечье
WRIST3/107/106/10Реалистичная татуировка на запястье
Back palm10/106/100/10Мультяшные татуировкина кистях
PALM2/101/101/10Тату граната на ладони
Shoulder blade3/108/1010/10Тату-бабочка-на-лопатке
BUTTOCKS1/105/108/10Татуировка бабочка на ягодице

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