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Tattoos on the coccyx for girls

If men more often when selecting a location for a tattoo prefer biceps, the girls give the palm tattoo on the tailbone. This is because the male figure tapers towards the back, while the women — on the contrary, slightly widened towards the bottom, because tattoos look very aesthetically pleasing it is in girls. In addition, there is a perception that the tattoos on the coccyx in men indicate homosexual its owner, so the stronger sex rarely choose this area for printing.

A tattoo on the tailbone, if necessary, easy to hide from prying eyes under clothing. If there is a desire to show beautiful pattern around, it is enough to wear jeans or a skirt with a low waist and a short T-shirt.

The most common motives for such works are butterflies, dragonflies, stars, flowers, cats (as a symbol of independence and self-confidence), as well as snakes and lizards. Equally popular and so-called «string» — symmetrical triangular patterns. They can be as simple decoration and contain ethnic or religious symbols (the value of which depends on the taste and outlook owner).


The main issue of concern to many people — whether to do a tattoo on the tailbone pain. This area is really One of the most painful in terms of tattoos drawings. The fact that in this area of ​​the body bones are very close to the skin. It is known that this factor affects the pain of tattooing. Therefore, people with a low pain threshold is not recommended to do a tattoo on the tailbone. If you do decide to take this step, we are prepared for the fact that within a few hours (time of the session depends on the size of the picture, as well as on its complexity) you will have to endure quite unpleasant sensations.

Basic information about the tattoo on the tailbone (for girls who choose this area for printing on body):

  • any image should ideally be symmetrical, as any discrepancy will be immediately evident;
  • after applying the tattoo be ready for some time to wear clothes only from natural materials to the skin healing took place rapidly.

The rest of the care of a tattoo on the tailbone is no different from the care of the images in any other area of the body.

Photos and designs

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