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Tattoos pubic

Popularity intimate tattoos largely due to the fact that they are hidden from the looks of the people around them. In a society still have the opinion that the tattoo in a visible area of the body can cause problems in employment in some large companies, as well as in schools. Therefore, many prefer to put the image back to where they will not be noticeable to all.

Mistakenly believe that the application of a tattoo on the pubis is a painful process. In fact, the most painful places in this regard are those areas of the body where the skin is very close to the bone. The pubic bone is located far enough away from the surface of the skin. Also do not forget that the pain threshold may be very different for each person.

Specificity images

Tattoo pubic (as, indeed, and the rest of the body) very different in men and women . Girls prefer the image of butterflies or small critters, as well as flowers and neutral patterns. Sometimes a tattoo on a woman’s pubic hair to help disguise the scars that are left after cesarean section or appendicitis.

Men’s pubic tattoos look, tend to be more brutal. Often acts as an element of the penis itself tattoo (this can be a «trunk», the body of an animal or a bird). Unlike women, men do not hesitate to use as an image element and vegetation on the pubic area, which may be, for example, someone’s beard.

Please note that by drawing on the pubis should prepare in advance:

  • Make epilation (preferably using a wax) to grow back the hair did not prevent the master, as well as care for the «fresh» tattoo.
  • Select clothes from natural materials without the use of synthetics. Furthermore, it should be free to not pull the skin and rub;
  • Always be sure that your chosen Master has experience in tattooing pubis.

In general, care of intimate tattoos is not much different from caring for any other images on the body. However, it is worth considering that you have to give up the laser and diode hair removal, because it can affect the colors. Using scrubs and peels will be possible in a couple of weeks after the session, when the skin is sufficiently restored.

Photos and designs

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